Master Benefits Management With the APMG Managing Benefits Course

APMG Managing Benefits Course

Are you planning to implement a new ERP for the sales department or a new HR strategy throughout the organisation? Monitoring the pre and post-change periods is vital. Do you know how to reap the benefits of an organisational change or how to calculate and communicate its positive impact on all stakeholders? The answer to all these questions is simple: Benefits Management.

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All About The BCS Foundation Certificate In Business Analysis Course

BCS Foundation Certificate

Like many, do you also want to establish a dynamic career in the business world? If yes, what extra can you do to set yourself apart from the crowd? The demand for proficient business analysts is rising as companies are becoming more data-oriented and futurecentric. The BCS Foundation Certificate in Business Analysis course helps you enter the job market and bring value to the table.

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APMG Stakeholder Engagement Course : Guide to Stakeholder Management

APMG Stakeholder Engagement Course

One of the key elements of an organisation is its stakeholders. But stakeholder management is not easy. We should be engaging stakeholders, not managing them. When implementing a change in an organisation, irrespective of its scale, it will impact several stakeholders. So a change manager or other members of the management must have the prerequisite skillset to manage changes and the affected stakeholders.

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Why is the BCS Foundation Certificate in DevOps Course Important for Your Career?

BCS Foundation Certificate

fourth-industrial-revolutionWith Fourth Industrial Revolution in full swing, now is a good time to accelerate your software development and IT career. Today,
organisations are looking for skilled
professionals who can help them undergo successful digital transformation. Here is where
you can shine if you complete the BCS
Foundation Certificate in DevOps course.

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Agile Business Analysis Course and Exam for a Bright Career In Advanced Project Management

Agile Business Analysis Course

An agile environment is more dynamic yet challenging than a traditional work environment. The role of an Agile Business Analyst is to cope with those challenges and streamline the processes integral to project management. The role demands responsibilities like mobilizing a motivated team, producing
viable solutions, designing a product, etc., which means a “one size fits all” philosophy to increase productivity in an Agile environment. If you see yourself excelling in such a role, this course is for you.

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Everything that You Needed to Know About Change Management Certification Course

Change Management course

Business change occurs when an organization improves, restructures or transforms a major part of its operations disrupting systems, people and processes.

In simple terms, business change is the act of moving the company from where it is now to where it wants to be.

Change Management is the discipline that guides how we prepare, equip and support individuals to adopt change successfully.

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P3O Course Details – Things You Should Now

P3O is a popular course, especially for those committed to working in a PMO– programme, project, and portfolio office. It provides a decision-enabling or delivery support model for all kinds of business changes within a company. The framework is a set of principles, techniques and processes that help organizations to put in place support structures that allow senior management to make informed decisions on risk management, prioritization and deployment of resources to meet business objectives. It also enables the senior management to identify and realize the outcomes and advantages of programmes and projects.

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Actionable Steps for Agile Project Management with Teams

Agile Project Management

To stay relevant and competitive in today’s fast-paced world, businesses must adapt. It is no more about who is the best, but more about those who can adapt best to updated requirements. In IT, conventional project management approaches were out-of-date and too rigid. Therefore a shift is required and businesses, as well as IT professionals can learn a lot by enrolling for Training Creatively’s Agile project management courses. Our training courses are provided online as well, which means that candidates can attend the course from the comfort of their home or even when they are on the move. The exams can also be completed online and candidates can rely on our virtual tutor support.

Agile project management – what does it mean?

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What is the ITIL 4 course and why do you require it?

ITIL4 course

Information Technology Infrastructure Library or ITIL is a must-have IT certification in service management. It is a collection of best practices for improving and establishing ITSM processes, principles, roles and practices. ITIL was originally published in the 1980s as a series of books and it became a part of the AXELOS portfolio of certification in later years. This certification is intended to assist companies to create enduring IT environments for change, growth and to scale.

ITIL is an important method to help firms meet the requirements for the ISO 20000 certification. This ensures that IT firms make sure that their ITSM processes cater to the business demands with international best practices. The certification has been updated in 2019 with the launch of ITIL 4. Since 2007, this is the most significant update that has been done to the framework.
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Change Management Certifications to Boost Your Career

Change Management Certifications

Change management is a necessary skill for project management, IT and business development. If you have a change management certification, it will not just boost your professional career, it will also enrich you with better knowledge and skills to implement in your enterprise. At Training Creatively, we provide online change management courses to help both individuals and organisations.

Here, we have listed the important change management certifications that can help improve your skills and augment your career.
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Explore the full potential of the PRINCE2 Agile course

PRINCE2 Agile course

When PRINCE2, one of the most popular project management certifications in the world, announced its new agile sibling in the year 2015, it created quite a stir. PRINCE2 Agile gives the best of both worlds by bridging the gap between traditional project management methodologies and the tactics that make agile approaches successful in their own right. So, what exactly are the benefits of PRNCE2 Agile? As one of the leading training providers, let us break it down for you. This will help you explore the full potential of this certification and enrol for Training Creatively’s online course.

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What are the reasons to learn COBIT?

cobit 5 training organisation

The connection between technology and the world of business is common knowledge. But the actual structure and role of IT continue to be alien to many. The truth is that IT plays an important role in enabling business processes and the achievement of corporate objectives and strategies – from providing support for customers to meeting regulatory compliance standards. If you do not understand the importance of IT, you could be leaving your organisation vulnerable.

When we are talking about management and governance of enterprise IT, COBIT stands out as the leading global governance framework. It helps businesses in achieving objectives reliably and predictably based on a fit for purpose IT structure. This framework also provides valuable insights into the components, enablers and principles that play a crucial role in effective IT governance and management.

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Key things to know about PRINCE2 Agile Project Management

Released in 2015, PRINCE2 Agile is a combination of Projects in controlled environments 2 (PRINCE2 ) and Agile methods. It has proved to be very popular with project management teams across multiple industries and sectors. It has been specifically designed to deliver PRINCE2 ’s comprehensive management approach, along with the responsiveness and flexibility of Agile practices.

At Training Creatively, we provide online PRINCE2 Agile Project Management course in London and below are some of the important things that you should know about this training programme.

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Are you ready to deliver RESILIA services to your clients?

When it comes to cyber security best practice, RESILIA provides a global standard. It prepares organisations and businesses to defend themselves against cyber threats. It also increases staff awareness of cyber residence issues. Training Creatively’s online RESILIA training programmes allows candidates to gain two certifications – Foundation and Practitioner – to showcase their knowledge and understanding of the framework. Certification will enhance your cyber resilience skills and offer your clients peace of mind.

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Benefits of Enrolling in a Change Management Training Course

Regardless of your level of experience, it is crucial to continuously develop and learn new skills. As your career advances, you have to work efficiently with colleagues, keep up with new technologies, gain deeper expertise within your niche and manage others.

Whilst you will develop most of the mentioned skills naturally during the course of your career, it is management or managing others that is the most challenging to develop. Since you have never had the opportunity to oversee others, it is not possible for you to gauge your effectiveness as a manager. This is the reason why it is a good idea to consider enrolling for our Change management training course in London. At Training Creatively, we provide online Change Management training programmes with guidance from industry-leading experts. Our certified management courses can prove to be beneficial to your career. Keep reading to know the key benefits that management training offers.

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What you need to know about the new ITIL 4 certifications?

At present, the ITIL 4 Foundation version is extremely popular and it was updated in 2019. The Foundation course allows participants to look at IT Service Management as an end-to-end operating model for the delivery, creation, and constant improvement of tech-enabled services and products, leading to co-creation of value. Being one of the leading training providers of ITIL virtual and online Foundation courses in London, we are here to tell you everything you need to know about ITIL 4 so you can get certified.

To start with, let us discuss what exactly ITIL 4 is. If you are unaware, it is the current version that has been developed to help enterprises manage their service management challenges. This new structure offers supporting guidance so that value co-creation can be carried out optimally and new technologies can be implemented more effectively. Stakeholder engagement, integration, versatility, simplicity, and customer collaboration are given more priority in this this updated version.

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Which Project Management Methodology is Right For You?

Today, there is an overwhelming number of project management methodologies available and there is no one solution that fits everyone. Each approach has its own techniques, processes and best practices. They also have their weaknesses and strengths. When it comes to selecting the right project management methodology for yourself, you need to take into consideration the following factors:

  • Complexity
  • Strategic goals
  • Risks
  • Stakeholders
  • Project cost
  • Timeline
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What are the Functions and Services of a P3O?

P3O practitioners are often heard talking about the services and functions of P3O. These terms have stuck after the P3O guidance was introduced from AXELOS. Being one of the leading providers of P3O training courses, we are here to discuss what the functions and services of a P3O really stand for. This will give you the insight you need to sign up for our virtual, classroom, and online foundation and practitioner P3O courses.

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Understanding the Value of DevOps Certification

In recent years, the adoption and popularity of DevOps have taken the software industry by storm. If you are a software professional, mastering a DevOps course should prove to be beneficial for your career progression. At Training Creatively, we offer DevOps Foundation training course in online, virtual, and classroom options in London. Our course aims to equip participants with the necessary skills needed to accelerate their IT knowledge. Our virtual training programs offer certification and in-depth knowledge of various Lean & Agile methods and DevOps principles.

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6 Steps for implementing portfolio management

Portfolio management helps companies achieve strategic goals by centralising and managing multiple projects and programmes. With the help of portfolio management, you can improve the coordination and implementation of strategies, optimise your enterprise’s choice of projects, and also easily track the progress of different projects.

Portfolio management provides your corporate stakeholders – from the project managers to the company executives – with a good overview of the projects and also their statuses. The process of continual reporting ensures that potential risks are taken care of before they become unmanageable.

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SIAM – What is Service Integration and Management?

SIAM (Service Integration and Management) is a framework that is used in managing multiple suppliers of IT services. It was initially conceived and developed to help large IT enterprises better control and manage their multi-sourced operations. The type of companies that benefit a lot from implementing SIAM are those with a huge number of diverse internal and external suppliers.

SIAM is not a process, but an adaptation of service management that deals with managing the delivery of services, which is provided by more than one supplier. It is a set of practices and service capability in an approach and model that elaborate, build on and also complement various parts of the ITIL practice.

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What is business relationship management in ITIL?

BRM or Business Relationship Management focuses is a strategic ITIL process and is focuses on anticipating and fulfilling the current and future needs of the business and customers by the IT service provider. This is detailed in the Service Strategy phase which also contains:

  • Demand management
  • Service portfolio management
  • Financial management for IT services
  • Strategy management for IT services
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5 Benefits of Stakeholder Engagement

Business is about managing relationships, both bad and good. Successful businesses always have to be aware of who will hold the organisation back and who will help them move forward. For making short-term decisions and achieving long-term goals, it is crucial that organisations create stakeholder maps for each operational and change activity. This will help to identify supportive stakeholders (as well as resisting ones) and will be effective in taking the company to the next level.

If you are a Project Management Professional or PRINCE2 Project Manager, you would have come across stakeholder engagement and management during your course. It is the duty of a project manager to identify and assess stakeholders, and you must come up with plans and ways to engage stakeholders in a project. There are times when you might be faced with “hostile” stakeholders and that is when the knowledge acquired from the stakeholder management training is put into good use.

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What is MoP? How to Implement MoP in 100 Days?

MoP Management of Portfolios provides a set of techniques, principles and practices to help companies make sure that their projects and programmes achieve maximum ROI and contribute to strategic objectives. The key capabilities of MoP are:

  • Facilitating business change
  • Supporting business outcomes
  • Managing potential risks in line with company needs
  • Optimising customer experience
  • Improving continually
  • Demonstrating value for money
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An introduction to Service Integration and Management (SIAM)

Service Integration and Management (SIAM) ‘s focus is on managing services that are provided by multiple suppliers. SIAM is not a process, but a set of practices, principles and approaches to co-ordinate and manage the delivery of services from various service providers. At Training Creatively, we have noticed that many IT organisations are increasingly adopting good SIAM practices.

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What is the role of a business relationship manager?

The role of a business relationship manager (BRM) is that of a strategic, senior-level business partner who shares ownership for business value results, as well as, business strategy. Even though BRMs come from different areas of business, the position requires the candidate to have a specific set of skills, such as strategic thinking, strong communication and influential relationship-building. Companies across every industry grow their business value by hiring business relationship managers. If you covet this position, you need to sharpen your skills. Also, you can boost your chances of being hired as a BRM by enrolling for Business Relationship Management Professional programme of Training Creatively and getting certified. Keep reading to know the responsibilities and duties of a business relationship manager.

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How to deal with hostile and difficult stakeholders?

It is a well-known fact that one of the most crucial aspects of project management is stakeholder management. The success or failure of a project is massively dependent on its stakeholders. If there is one thing that project managers fear, it is resistance. Keeping stakeholders satisfied is a challenge in itself and this challenge becomes monumental if stakeholders prove to be difficult or hostile.

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Why Organisations need the MSP Management Of Programmes course?

The world of programme management is complex and of strategic importance to organisations as programmes produce outcomes that transform them. Managing Successful Programmes (MSP) is a methodology that offers clarity, structure, flexibility and control. It is a best-practice guide from the Office of Government Commerce based on the practical experience and collective expertise of multiple thousands of practitioners. MSP Management of Programmes is unique in its status as a generic best-practice framework. We, at Training Creatively, offer certified MSP training courses to equip candidates with the required skills, techniques and resources that will make them become more effective programme managers.

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Skills You Will Improve On from the Change Management Training Courses

The Change Management training course from APMG is designed to help candidates address the challenges experienced when trying to introduce any kind of change within an organisation. This includes all kinds of change drivers – from the adoption of a new software, to mergers, to moving offices. Change managers should know how and why the change needs to happen and how any kind of resistance can be overcome. Change managers are expected to make use of the wide range of organisational theory to support, understand and sustain changes. At Training Creatively, we offer Change Management training courses where candidates can rely on the support and guidance of experienced tutors. Some of the important skills you can acquire by signing up for our Change Management training courses are given below.

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MoR – Management of Risk guidance

MoR (Management of Risk) is a framework that allows an organisation or an individual to identify, assess and control risks that might affect the achievement of objectives. MoR enables users to look at both negative and positive risks and determine how they can be optimised so that the organisation stays within its projected path. MoR certifications are accredited by PeopleCERT and AXELOS, and candidates can look forward to getting quality training at Training Creatively. We offer online courses as well as onsite, virtual, and classroom weekly and weekend training events. 

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What are the most demanded Agile and Scrum certifications?

The Agile Philosophy promises the delivery of value by incremental deliveries of project products through continuous stakeholder engagement. This is reflected on the renowned Agile Manifesto. Quite a few agile methods have since been created to achieve these promises. Each method has its own unique approach, but they all share these common characteristics:

  1. Incremental Delivery
  2. Prioritisation of requirements
  3. Time Boxing
  4. Customer/User participation in product creation
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Tips to clear the Prince2 examination in the first attempt

It takes good preparation to pass any professional examination and the Prince2 examination is no exception. At Training Creatively, we provide the Prince2 Foundation and Practitioner online elearning training course in London, and all our other locations, with trainer guidance. You can sit for the online exam whenever it is convenient for you and from any convenient location; but you must have a computer or laptop, webcam, microphone, and a stable internet connection. Even though we provide candidates with all the materials and guides that they need to pass the examination, here are some more tips to help you clear the Foundation & Practitioner examination in one shot. 

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What are the 5 principles of COBIT 5?

cobit 5 training organisation

COBIT (Control Objectives for Information and Related Technology) is ISACA’s framework on information technology governance and management. COBIT is respected as the global standard when it comes to governing and leading enterprise IT. Ever since COBIT introduced in 1996, this framework has been through several releases and iterations. The present volume, COBIT 5, is an important governance framework for professionals who are managing IT teams and information systems. 

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Tips on taking ITIL 4 Foundation Exam Online

ITIL Foundation

ITIL 4 is the newest version in the evolution of ITIL, and it released in 2019. ITIL is the most successful service management framework globally, guiding a set of practices designed to support enterprises through digital transformation. For the delivery, as well as the operation of tech-enabled products and services, ITIL 4 is a comprehensive start-to-finish IT service model. By following the ITIL concepts, IT professionals can fulfil a much more significant role, focusing on value co-creation. In the overall business strategy.

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What are the primary benefits of AgilePM Project Management?

agile project management

Training Creatively is one of the leading providers of #AgilePM Project Management training programmes. Agile made up of a collection of incremental and iterative practices of project management, helping teams adapt to an evolving landscape while focusing on delivering business value. There are different methods used in managing agile projects, such as Kanban, XP, and Scrum, with all of them following the Agile Manifesto based on collaboration, flexibility, continuous improvement, and value creation. 

Here, let’s take a look at some of the main benefits of AgilePM: 

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What can you gain by attending an ITIL 4 training course?

ITIL Foundation

When it comes to ITSM (IT Service Management), the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) framework is accepted globally as best-practice. This framework provides clear guidance for the optimised provision of IT services. The framework ensures that IT services are planned, developed, released, deployed, and consistently improved with maximum efficiency and effectiveness. #ITIL 4 focuses on the need to deliver value continuously to service customers with business goals in mind during service development, ensuring executives and teams avoid siloed working.

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Why Should Organisations Use MSP Management of Programmes?

MSP Management Of Programmes

Management of Successful Programmes (MSP) is a best-practice guide for managing transformational changes and is a registered trademark of #AXELOS Limited. MSP is unique as it is known as a flexible generic best practice framework. #MSP’s programme management approach helps organisations understand, create, deliver, and maintain the required innovation, benefits, and novel ways of working that will help achieve future success. MSP provides organisations with principles, strategies, and specific programme management knowledge that will help them better tackle change and deliver business benefits. At Training Creatively, we offer online and virtual Foundation and Practitioner MSP Management of Programmes training courses.

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Why is Change Management Training Important

change management

Change is the only constant. Changes will take place, whether you plan for it or not, want it or not. Changes might affect companies positively or negatively. Even though all changes do not demand a formal approach, organisations, and people who can successfully predict change and prepare for it can benefit hugely from it.

As you are aware, organisations today operate in a highly uncertain, volatile, and ambiguous world. They are constantly facing complicated changes all the time – be it in the form of new technologies, processes, information flows, personnel, the management, or market conditions. This is why the most required skill for all managers, leaders, and employees is the ability to tackle change. This is where Training Creatively’s Change Management training courses will help you.

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The Advantages of COBIT5 Training and Certification

COBIT5 is an ISACA framework. It is a comprehensive framework that assists organisations in achieving their objectives of effective governance and management of their enterprise IT. At Training Creatively, our COBIT5 courses are accredited by ISACA for learning purposes by IT consultants, practitioners, information security, internal auditors and other stakeholders. When you book our course, you will get all the materials needed to pass the examination and acquire appropriate competencies and skills. Moreover, you will gain the following benefits.

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What Can You Learn from the P3O Training Course?

What Can You Learn from the P3O Training Course?

All companies have all types of change going on. There are situations where managers who are responsible have no clue about the impact of such changes in terms of when they will deliver, what they cost and which ones genuinely support currentcorporate objectives. This is where Training Creatively’s P3O training programme provides the required understanding and knowledge. By registering for our course, you will be equipped to deliver the following benefits

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Tips for Preparing for the ITIL 4 Foundation Certification Exam

ITIL Foundation

In the ITSM (Information Technology Service Management) industry, ITIL 4 represents a major paradigm shift. The main objective of Training Creatively’s ITIL course is to help learners stay prepared for the new lifecycles, technologies and agile approaches when it comes to value co-creation. We provide ITIL 4 Foundation training courses that offer a comprehensive and broad curriculum to prepare the candidates for the ITIL 4 examination.

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Importance of MoP and Ways to Get Certified

(MoP) sample exams tests and exercises in London

Portfolio management is critical for organisations and senior managers needs relevant skills for effectively managing the achievement of strategic change objectives. Portfolio activities refer to the evaluation, directing, initiating and monitoring of change initiatives. Management of portfolios is the art of selecting the most effective programmes and projects to generate optimal returns for organisations.  At Training Creatively, we provide portfolio management courses at competitive prices.

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Stakeholder engagement in projects- things you need to know

Management of stakeholders is one of the major responsibilities of a project manager. In a project, there are several individuals involved and since the project manager is in the centre and the integrator of the project, he/she is expected to satisfy the stakeholders within the project’s boundaries. This is why the analysis and management of stakeholders are crucial to the success of any project. If you are a project manager and need some help with stakeholder management, you can sign up for Training Creatively’s stakeholder engagement training course in London.

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Stakeholder Engagement – Things You Need to Know

Management of stakeholders is one of the major responsibilities of a project, change or operational manager. In any activity (project, programme, portfolio or operational), there are several individuals involved and since the activity manager is at the centre and the integrator of the activity, he/she is expected to meet the prioritised needs of key stakeholders within the activity’s boundaries. This is why the identification, analysis and management of stakeholders are crucial to the success of any activity. If you are a project, programme, portfolio or change manager and need some help with stakeholder management, you can sign up for Training Creatively’s stakeholder engagement training course in London.

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Top Reasons to Get an ITIL Certification

ITIL has remained the industry-standard best practice framework and a cornerstone for managing, supporting and also aligning IT Service Management with the needs of the business. ITIL, trademark owned by AXELOS, also provides an agile governing structure for IT presents the ITIL Service Lifecycle to map the journey of services from customer needs all the way through to the improvement of services delivered.

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What are the Benefits of MoV Management of Value Training?

MoV (Management of Value) training course by Training Creatively is a methodology focused with the optimal integration of organisational operational and change activities, resulting in increasing levels of value to organisations. MoV relies on the effective assignment of organisational resources to ensure appropriate levels of effort are used in the right places and times with the right resources to deliver maximum net benefits to the organisation.

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ITIL MALC Training Course – Everything You Need to Know

Do you wish to become an ITIL expert? If so, you have to enrol for Training Creatively’s ITIL MALC training course in London. This is the final module and certification for those professionals who wish to acquire the skills and knowledge necessary for managing and leading the implementation of IT Service Management (ITSM) and ITIL in an organisation. Our comprehensive course will give you an understanding that you require of the entire Service Lifecycle. After passing the practitioner, intermediate and expert courses, you will be able to analyse the value of your IT services and take care of any organisational challenges or problems that might arise.

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What are the Important Principles of Cobit5 Foundation?

COBIT (Control Objectives for Information and Related Technologies) offers a business framework for the management and governance of IT. It supplies globally accepted practices, principles and analytical tools, along with a growth map that influences proven practices. The need to identify and tailor relevant frameworks and technologies resulted in COBIT5 consolidating COBIT4.1. At Training Creatively, we offer COBIT5 Foundation course online to help individuals, as well as, small and large-scale enterprises plan, control and provide quality information for the success of business and governance processes.

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Everything You Need to Know about P3O

What Can You Learn from the P3O Training Course?

P3O (Portfolio, Programme and Project Offices) is the latest set of best practices guidance that changed the game for PMOs. P3O is a popular course for individuals who are interested in working in PMO – the Programme Office, Project Office and the Portfolio Office. At Training Creatively, we offer certified P3O courses to help candidates acquire skills needed to manage all types of change within an organisation. On the successful completion of the course, candidates will be capable of setting up and running multiple projects and programmes within an organisation, making sure that change is balanced.

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AgilePm E-learning: Learn Agile Project Management in Your Own Time

The Agile Project Management (AgilePM) course helps course students learn repeatable and practical methodologies to better manage their company projects. It is a professional course that can be availed by any working professional hoping to enhance their skills. Employees with in-depth knowledge of effective agile practices turn out to be company assets. If you want to enroll for AgilePM Foundation or Practitioner course, but have prior commitments, you can register for Training Creatively’s AgilePM elearning course. Even though the course is conducted virtually, this is a certification course and upon completing, course students will be awarded a certificate that they can present to their company. Continue reading “AgilePm E-learning: Learn Agile Project Management in Your Own Time”

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What Can Individuals and Businesses Gain from the MOV Course?

MOV (Management of Value) has evolved from the tried and tested practice of value management across different sectors. Training Creatively’s MOV course is aimed at helping individuals and organisations enhance the value that they deliver by making better use of the available resources. Keep reading to know the benefits gained by both individuals and businesses upon completing our MOV Foundation and MOV Practitioner course.

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Everything You Need to Know About MOR Training

MOR Foundation and Practitioner course is directed towards helping companies to put in place a useful and valuable framework for the management of risk. This framework will help organisations in making informed decisions regarding the risks that affect their programme, strategic, operational and project objectives. With the help of our training course, organisations will be able to adopt a risk management route map combining the basic concepts and approach, along with interrelated process steps and recommendations on tried and tested risk management techniques. During our course, organisations will gain insight on how the approach, principles and processes would be embedded and applied as per the nature of risks.

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MOR Training and Its Benefits for Organisations

The MOR (Management of Risk) training course considers risks across all aspects within an enterprise; covering operational, project, programme and strategic perspectives. Specialisms covered include physical security, business continuity, health and safety, reputational and environmental risks. At Training Creatively, we provide MOR Foundation and Practitioner, and Re-registration, courses in London with classroom weekday and weekend as well as online, virtual or corporate on-site options. Our course helps businesses to optimize their risk management activities.

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Find Out How ITIL Certification Helps in Your Career Growth

Furthering your knowledge through short training courses is always a good idea. At Training Creatively, we provide ITIL Foundation and Practitioner certification course to help individuals and IT professionals boost their career. From making connections and meeting like-minded professionals to refining your skills, the benefits of enrolling for our courses are endless.

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Cobit5 Practice Exam Gets You Prepared for the Certification Exam

Control Objectives for Information and Related Technologies or simply, COBIT5 is a highly renowned Enterprise and IT governance framework. At Training Creatively, we offer COBIT5 courses including Foundation, Implementation and Assessor Course at economical rates. Our courses are aimed at helping managers bridge the gap between operational matters, business requirements and business risks. At the end of each course, delegates are required to sit for a certification examination. Thanks to our industry-experienced trainers and best course materials, we make sure that our candidates are equipped with all the knowledge and resource needed to pass the exam. To get you prepared for the final exam, we also conduct several simulated tests.

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COBIT5 Foundation Certification: Benefits for Individuals and Businesses

At Training Creatively, we offer COBIT5 training and certification course with a hands-on approach. Our Foundation course is accredited by APMG, ISACA and PEOPLECERT. Thanks to our team of highly-skilled and experienced trainers, we can provide you with tutor support throughout your course. Our certification course can be availed by both organisations and individuals. For your convenience, we offer several learning alternatives including corporate on-site courses, virtual tutor-led courses, weekly course, weekend courses and online courses. If you choose to train with us, we will be providing you with everything that you need to sit for the Foundation exam and pass.

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Scrum Product Owner Certifications Helps in Handling Business in a Scrum Environment

At Training Creatively, we specialise in teaching you everything you require to own the vision of the product, optimise the ROI of your team and interact with customers as part of a Scrum team. Our certification course is highly-interactive and specifically designed to help you achieve success in Scrum. A key member of the Scrum team is the Product Owner with the responsibility for the maximum return on investment of the efforts of his or her team. With us, you will be able to learn from the most renowned Scrum trainers who will inspire and help you achieve lasting improvements in the way your company builds software and other products. Our Scrum Product Owner course is beneficial for anyone who works as a Product Owner in a Scrum team and/or interfaces with stakeholders.

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Change Management Might Just Be the Missing Element to Your Success

Training Creatively is committed to offering intuitive Change Management (CM) course with a hands-on approach to individuals and organisations. This course basically helps executives to be able to handle change within an organisation effectively. Our course is overseen by specifically trained and highly-experienced trainers because the implementation of CM is extremely sophisticated. We provide delegates with every resource and knowledge that they need to achieve their goals and become successful.

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COBIT5 Training and Certification Offers Lucrative Benefits

At Training Creatively, we offer COBIT5 training course with a hands-on learning approach. Our comprehensive courses includes the COBIT5 Foundation Course, Implementation Course and Assessor Course. COBIT5 is a renowned and recognised Enterprise and IT governance framework. We train individuals and companies to help them achieve their organisational goals. Our competitively priced course is the ideal solution for everyone wanting to grow by leaps and bounds. Internal auditors, information security and IT practitioners, consultants, members of IT/IS management, chief executives and business managers are eligible for the COBIT5 training and certification courses.

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AgilePM Foundation and Practitioner Certifications: Your Passport to a Great Future

The cutthroat competition in the professional world makes it imperative for you to be more productive than ever before, especially if you work in a project environment. And when it comes to efficient project management for enhanced productivity, agile is the way to go. Develop your project management skills and add value to your company with our specialised agile Certifications for guaranteed success. Training Creatively is your one-stop partner for AgilePM Certifications anywhere, anytime.
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MSP Certification Benefits !

The project managers were quick enough to realize the importance of additional degree and diplomas for their career growth. Though there are many courses required for managing the project, MSP training surely would be a great help in achieving it. The course is trustworthy and advanced in supervision of the program. Acceptable framework is offered for the practitioners of the MSP course, and attention is preserved on the trade. The MSP practitioners can bring get progress to the organisation and can also know the execution of the change process which takes place in it.

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MoP Training to Boost your Career!

Most professionals like to update their skills and knowledge, though there are some experience and get decent package, undergoing MoP Certification will further update them hike in skills, knowledge and pay. People who are interested in gathering knowledge can also choose MoP which is the right program. Well MoP stands for Management of Portfolios. The MoP training provides knowledge not only to the individual candidate, but for the team and the organisation through the candidate who has acquired MoP certification.

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ITIL training and the reason to get trained !

This article explains the key reasons and importance to train the employees in ITSM or IT Service management.

ITIL stands for IT infrastructure library is globally recognized IT service management, and ITIL training program is owned by Axelos.  Considering the industry standards and advice to any enterprises large or small should opt for ITIL certification to equally foot in the global business arena.

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How PRINCE2 Training Enhances Max Profits

IT professionals who have received PRINCE2 Training on time can maintain the perfect quality in projects. The situation is handled using advanced PRINCE2 strategies. Diverse role is played by a PRINCE2 practitioner in an organisation to run the projects successfully, it possible because of PRINCE2 foundation features. The realization of PRINCE2 Certification should be done on time because of your priorities will be reflected on the basis of PRINCE2 course.

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Enhance ur IT Productivity Through COBIT

The dependency of professionals and the project managers are growing and there is a great need for the management of IT systems. Through the COBIT Training and the COBIT Certification degree would help the professionals and the project managers to be the best in the working and the management of the IT systems. The COBIT Training and COBIT Certification degree is one which takes you to the top of the IT management. Well COBIT stands for Control Objectives for Information and associated Technology; it provides a structure to the companies aligning business goals with IT and its process. The primary portrayals of COBIT were released in 1996 and in course of time its later versions. The companies appreciate the COBIT system for making to reach their goals. COBIT is all about management in IT related fiscal activities integrated with commerce and all considerable IT functions such as financial statement, cost and assistance supervision and giving use of standard budgeting string and using an neutral system in order to divide up the cost. The important principal of COBIT is to provide results in productivity and accountability of business. The IT system and its business are measured.

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Change Management Training

Change has become crucial in any organisation or business environment, where they cannot stick to the outdated techniques. If a company needs to grow its business it is advisable not to stick with same and outdated concepts and techniques. The most significant concept for a right perspective is change with time. In recent times with altering technology novel methods are being launched in the business domain.

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Change Management Essential for Organisation…

Due to constant innovation of technology in regard to communication, the concepts and functioning of organisation should necessarily approach for change management. Change management course is the process to accustom with the changed environment in the business. Change management is a practise to achieve maximum benefit with minimum change of workers or infrastructure, and to benefit stockholders in the business environment. Change management is defined as the utilization of the basic structures and tools to control over change in any organisation.

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Change Management Certificate

Change is inevitable, and it’s an integral part of man’s life from birth to death. Right from playing as infant as time progresses, the life stage changes. As an infant he crawls then learn to walk, then he reaches the childhood stage and followed by youth where he designs new aspirations, then middle age where he is full responsibilities, and finally creeps into old age finally. So there is change in every moment of our lives.

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Change Management a Handbook …

People normally resist change, and it’s the managers who should implement changes so the workers implement for the betterment of an organisation. Change management is a handbook to help employees survive and succeed during change, so that they can establish set of relations with their environment. Change management is an approach for individuals and teams, where one can shift from current state to expected desired future. Well the general human relations in management are to maintain and restore the group equilibrium and personal adjustments with change.

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APMP Training and Certification

The fact is that, you are industrious but it does not help you achieve success in your career, no matter how well you are executing the tasks, you cannot achieve success due to simple reason. You got strong inner strength and will power to move mountains but it will end up in vain unless you integrate with education. Many of us know about education but unaware about the education and training which could do wonders for us. Only through education one can utilize the inner strength to its core and achieve a better career. One will good only at a particular you can become better only through education. One can become a wizard in the field of project management through APMP training or APMP course.

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The benefits of the APMP

The APMP course is one of the most important and useful programmes for training professionals in technical skills, and keep them updated to manage the projects independently. The APMP training skills are unique with well defined methodology and highly scaled techniques, which helps the productivity of professionals. The projects management in APMP training offers better time management and people management. It offers the best understanding of subject to effectively manage the project.

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Why Agile Project training is important for project managers

Project management includes and recognize necessities creating vibrant and attainable objectives. The agile project management training is an approach which creates the methods that are delivered through its methodologies. And also it harmonizes and ensures stakeholder’s purpose is achieved. The agile training course helps the management process not only in framing the organisation structure but also achieving the enterprise objectives.

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Project managers get a better job and pay after doing this

The advances in the software development are happening on daily basis and it focuses on the production of best programming functions. Well better results can be obtained and demonstrated in the agile training course. The agile certification professional work together in close coordination, and help organisational practises. To bring many changes in concept of software one can use agile and it is easy to follow and implement.

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Individual and corporate benefits – Using best practices in project

Agility has been the rule of nature since times immoral. We must have heard somewhere else that one who is compatible and flexible to change, rules the place. This dexterity and adroitness rules is not only for nature but also for our day to day life. Similarly, when it comes to business and project management techniques one should maintain its suppleness and move forward. Many professionals and corporate heads wanted something to boost their success rates, and were searching for a technique which would make their world enhance the project accomplishing rate, so they found Agile Project Management.

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The fact that you are industrious but still can’t achieve success?Execute tasks is due to simple reason. You may have strong inner strength and will power which can move mountains but it should be integrated with education. If you want to have a righteous path and utilize inner talent, education will show you the way to achieve it and it is the foundation stone for an individual’s life and career.


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The APMP courses are one of the most useful professional training programmes, which keep you professionally updated with required knowledge, technical skills to manage projects independently. The APMP course enhances confidence and enables productivity with unique training skills. APMP courses offers better man management and time management with which effective and easy project management can be done.


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Agile PM concepts and techniques

Everyone knows how to work with something which is accepted universally, but what really matters is how different are you from the rest. So being different and dynamic is important, well if you are a project manager and thinking about perspective of project then this article is going to be interesting as you will be able to know about Agile Project Management techniques and how to implement and  benefit from it.

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Agile methodology – The basics a project manager must know

Agile Project Management transforms the perspective of an individual about projects and empowers the workforce of organisation. Agile training can be utilised to make team member into key player and obtain successful projects. And it also explains the different styles adopted for project management which is very flexible and adaptable compared to primitive methods. The advanced and applicable level of knowledge to understand agile techniques is possible through the training programs.

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Why do you need to consider a course in Change Management? Because that’s the only thing which is constant.

If there is something constant in life then it is change, and to professional perspective it has true impact in business. So a potential corporation sustains and succeed in long term by undergoing the changes. Well there are few organisations which denies to changes since it is not comfortable.  People who are responsible to change choose Change Management Course, because it’s a reaction management which accepts changes and endures at difficult times providing potential to thrive and succeed

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Change Management training to enhance your project or service change skills

A management executive who leads a project will deal with many career situations; he should plan, execute, monitor, and control the progress. During this period he should interact with superior, colleagues and his team, and handle the changes. The most elemental situation is handling change, and it may be of his superior, team members or even the fiscal policy. So one can handle tasks and manage change by learning change management course.

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Manage programs the way it should be. MSP training could be a great choice

Time and time again history has proven that project failing at any time always has high risk. The reality is projects are always unpredictable, and project leaders find difficulties with so many anomalies. Well project leaders are challenged in volatile economic conditions or unexpected customer changes. The best way the project leader can handle risk is by choosing who regularly invest and fund their projects.

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Project manager, projects and PRINCE2 practitioners

PRINCE2 sets the vision and identifies the right direction in the environment to operate the project. However, only a strong leader can direct the project. Well PRINCE2 training is designed to bring out the leader in you. The leader in a project integrates the management’s vision, values and its expectations. By having a clear picture the project manager can professionally gain knowledge about its tasks.The PRINCE2 project is wide spread and so vast that the contents of management are not ignored. The most important theme are business theme, change theme and risk theme.

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Organizations seek ITIL methodology to optimize service delivery

Are you looking for an ITIL certification? Then, you should have awareness about ITIL courses for sure. In service industries, where ITIL and its methodologies are followed, the organization and the individual can be benefited in a comprehensive way if concentrating on ITIL foundation process. In order to provide successful delivery in other words deliver value to your customers, ITIL certification is necessary and considered the most by professionals.Service management is essential for any ITIL certification program because it’s effective and precise in any manner. ITIL foundation features are chosen per latest requirements in industry to determine exact service and quality to premium levels as expected.

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Lead the project and team with Agile Project Management

Agile Project Management is a project management methodology with a definitive structure and framework made for future success of any project. Some times it may be hard to decide but agile is the best way to manage your team and workers. Agile can be different for many managers compared to most slow moving project and management methods. Well between team members and managers agile thrives a better communication process. The advantage is that when there is little or no communication this method will not work.However, an agile project management method makes manager feel redundant, and redefines the role of agile manager.  The appropriate way to determine is to know first who does what and it is important to split team members and managers before work is done. The team members will be split up into 3 different roles; product owner, development owner, and scrum master. After that we would be looking into budgeting and timelines. The foremost thing is to decide the budget in the management system, and this leads to fixed decisions, planning tool implementation in project to be successful.

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