What are the reasons to learn COBIT?

The connection between technology and the world of business is common knowledge. But the actual structure and role of IT continue to be alien to many. The truth is that IT plays an important role in enabling business processes and the achievement of corporate objectives and strategies – from providing support for customers to meeting regulatory compliance standards. If you do not understand the importance of IT, you could be leaving your organisation vulnerable.

When we are talking about management and governance of enterprise IT, COBIT stands out as the leading global governance framework. It helps businesses in achieving objectives reliably and predictably based on a fit for purpose IT structure. This framework also provides valuable insights into the components, enablers and principles that play a crucial role in effective IT governance and management.

Some of the main pillars that make up COBIT are:

  • Best practices – The framework provides useful guidelines on value creation with a balanced approach on benefits realisation, risk optimisation and resource optimisation. This makes sure that all tasks are performed as per the standards and rules.
  • Process model – This enables practitioners to integrate enterprise information and technology activities in the most optimal approach. The process reference model of COBIT5 framework is made up of key processes while the COBIT 2019 utilises governance and management objectives.
  • Goals cascade – the COBIT framework recognises the granular levels of stakeholders needs, enterprise goals, IT or alignment goals, and enabler or component goals
  • Integrated Overarching Framework – COBIT allows the use of other relevant standards, methodologies and frameworks such as PRINCE2, ITIL, TOGAF etc within its overarching structure. This results in even more effective of governance and management objectives as relevant guidna1ce is adopted and adapted in organisations using COBIT.

At Training Creatively, we offer competitively priced COBIT5 and COBIT 2019 online, onsite, virtual, classroom, weekday, and weekend courses. If you have an Internet or Wi-Fi connection, you can prepare for the exam from your home office or home. Our courses include virtual tutor assistance, along with course manual, sample papers and more. Below, we have outlined some of the reasons why you should consider enrolling for our COBIT courses.

  • The framework boosts the value of IT

COBIT is a framework that is known and accepted globally. The tools, techniques, structures and principles of this framework help in enhancing the effectiveness of organisations with respect to their handling and management of information and technology-related structures. By passing a COBIT certification exam, you can raise the value of your IT enterprise and get the chance to contribute to the creation of a more robust IT framework. With this, your organisation can achieve sustainable levels of governance and management of enterprise IT.

  • IT governance will be boosted

You can make use of COBIT5 to implement IT governance standards across your enterprise or organisation. This will assist you in reducing threats while increasing the effectiveness of important IT processes. Knowledge of this framework will help you in establishing a more holistic approach for IT governance that will be tailored to the context of your your organisational needs.

  • Auditing will be improved

Every organisation must meet legal, compliance and regulatory requirements. But, when this happens, organisations are expected to do a lot more than just toe the line. They have to maintain records of all the steps that have been taken to make sure that compliance is in place. This is to safeguard the organisation in case any error prompts an official investigation. Since information security is an important aspect of COBIT, you can be sure of being fully compliant.

So, whether you want to improve your skills in IT governance or wish to boost your organisation’s enterprise IT effectiveness, you should consider studying COBIT. You can do so through Training Creatively as we provide tutor-backed training programmes. From explaining the definitions and terms related to COBIT to giving you in-depth knowledge about the processes of this framework, our training course is comprehensive. Talk to us, today!

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