An introduction to Service Integration and Management (SIAM)

Service Integration and Management (SIAM) ‘s focus is on managing services that are provided by multiple suppliers. SIAM is not a process, but a set of practices, principles and approaches to co-ordinate and manage the delivery of services from various service providers. At Training Creatively, we have noticed that many IT organisations are increasingly adopting good SIAM practices.

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What is the role of a business relationship manager?

The role of a business relationship manager (BRM) is that of a strategic, senior-level business partner who shares ownership for business value results, as well as, business strategy. Even though BRMs come from different areas of business, the position requires the candidate to have a specific set of skills, such as strategic thinking, strong communication and influential relationship-building. Companies across every industry grow their business value by hiring business relationship managers. If you covet this position, you need to sharpen your skills. Also, you can boost your chances of being hired as a BRM by enrolling for Business Relationship Management Professional programme of Training Creatively and getting certified. Keep reading to know the responsibilities and duties of a business relationship manager.

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How to deal with hostile and difficult stakeholders?

It is a well-known fact that one of the most crucial aspects of project management is stakeholder management. The success or failure of a project is massively dependent on its stakeholders. If there is one thing that project managers fear, it is resistance. Keeping stakeholders satisfied is a challenge in itself and this challenge becomes monumental if stakeholders prove to be difficult or hostile.

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Why Organisations need the MSP Management Of Programmes course?

The world of programme management is complex and of strategic importance to organisations as programmes produce outcomes that transform them. Managing Successful Programmes (MSP) is a methodology that offers clarity, structure, flexibility and control. It is a best-practice guide from the Office of Government Commerce based on the practical experience and collective expertise of multiple thousands of practitioners. MSP Management of Programmes is unique in its status as a generic best-practice framework. We, at Training Creatively, offer certified MSP training courses to equip candidates with the required skills, techniques and resources that will make them become more effective programme managers.

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Skills You Will Improve On from the Change Management Training Courses

The Change Management training course from APMG is designed to help candidates address the challenges experienced when trying to introduce any kind of change within an organisation. This includes all kinds of change drivers – from the adoption of a new software, to mergers, to moving offices. Change managers should know how and why the change needs to happen and how any kind of resistance can be overcome. Change managers are expected to make use of the wide range of organisational theory to support, understand and sustain changes. At Training Creatively, we offer Change Management training courses where candidates can rely on the support and guidance of experienced tutors. Some of the important skills you can acquire by signing up for our Change Management training courses are given below.

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