Explore the full potential of the PRINCE2 Agile course

When PRINCE2, one of the most popular project management certifications in the world, announced its new agile sibling in the year 2015, it created quite a stir. PRINCE2 Agile gives the best of both worlds by bridging the gap between traditional project management methodologies and the tactics that make agile approaches successful in their own right. So, what exactly are the benefits of PRNCE2 Agile? As one of the leading training providers, let us break it down for you. This will help you explore the full potential of this certification and enrol for Training Creatively’s online course.

It is highly adaptable

Since it is based on the framework of PRINCE2, you can apply PRINCE2 Agile to any project environment. This framework provides guidance that can be easily adopted and adapted based on the circumstances of your project, organisation, the industry, product type and so on. It is built collaboratively and can be used in conjunction with any established agile approach. This means your possibilities are truly endless.

It introduces you to agile practices

Are you already using PRINCE2 in your enterprise? If so, PRINCE2 Agile is a great way to start introducing agile techniques in your organisation without ripping out everything and starting from scratch. Furthermore, there are no pre-requisites to join the Foundation course. If you already have completed PRINCE2 Practitioner, you can straight away jump to the PRINCE2 Agile’s Practitioner level.

Focused on the “results”

Agile techniques are great for making sure you are getting the highest value and quality out of your product at the delivery level. Moreover, they can add very useful inputs to help with the management of your project itself. PRINCE2’s framework comes handy when it is about making sure that your project adheres to all the strategic objectives of your organisation.

It is used widely

PRINCE2 is already one of the most widely used and accepted project management methodologies. So, if you qualify and get a certificate for PRINCE2 Agile, it is going to serve your needs perfectly. Whether your company already uses this framework or not, a certification will boost your job prospects. You can take advantage of the popularity of PRINCE2 Agile to improve our career prospects.

Earlier delivery of value

The incremental, iterative and collaborative delivery approach is one of the fundamental features that characterise agile projects. Unlike traditional methods, where you might be able to see the finished products or product only when the project is completed, PRINCE2 Agile allows you to benefit from the very start. You can see the value of your products in various stages throughout the project.

It blends perfectly with existing methodologies
If you want, you can easily incorporate agile methodologies into your existing projects. Whilst differing approaches often create conflict and have a detrimental effect on projects, PRNCE2 Agile provides the best out of both methodologies. This framework offers little to no conflict. You can get the most out of your projects and be able to maximise your ROI.
Do you want to find out more about PRINCE2 Agile techniques? Get in touch with a member of Training Creatively’s team. You can also browse our PRINCE2 Agile online course options. Along with self-paced online courses, we also have options for virtual weekly or weekend courses where you can count on the support and guidance of our virtual tutors. They will help you at every step of the way throughout the course by providing you with email support. We will also give you all the materials, course manual and all other things that you might need to pass the accreditation exam.