Why Should Organisations Use MSP Management of Programmes?

Management of Successful Programmes (MSP) is a best-practice guide for managing transformational changes and is a registered trademark of #AXELOS Limited. MSP is unique as it is known as a flexible generic best practice framework. #MSP’s programme management approach helps organisations understand, create, deliver, and maintain the required innovation, benefits, and novel ways of working that will help achieve future success. MSP provides organisations with principles, strategies, and specific programme management knowledge that will help them better tackle change and deliver business benefits. At Training Creatively, we offer online and virtual Foundation and Practitioner MSP Management of Programmes training courses.

As you know, the keystones of success for any programme are outcomes and benefits. When it comes to managing change in organisations, MSP provides invaluable programme management guidance. Through effective management of programmes, changes can be beneficially made within an organisation. Since change is always taking place within an organisation, it demands appropriate responses. For instance, a new service or process might be introduced, supplier relationships might be altered, new technologies required, new organisational structures and so on. Change might also come from external drivers such as changing government policies, standards, or legislation.

MSP plays a very important role in allowing projects to work in ways that results in the optimal creation of their products which are key inputs for the success of a programme. It also focuses on organising operational areas to prepare for, accept and embed the products from these projects. Furthermore, MSP ensures the constant alignment of the programme (inclusive of the operational and project activities) with current organisational objectives.

Our MSP Management of Programmes courses is designed for all types of organisations. The MSP #Foundation exam consists of 75 multiple choice questions and 50% marks is required to pass and proceed to the Practitioner training programme. Anybody appearing for the MSP #Practitioner exam is expected to demonstrate a certain level of understanding of MSP and be able to apply and analyse the MSP guide when managing programmes. Our Practitioner exam consists of 80 questions and candidates have to answer 40 questions correctly to pass and be certified.

When you attend Training Creatively’s online or virtual MSP training courses, you get complete tutor support, the official course manual and pre-course material, and a free Foundation exam retake. Our trainers are all industry-leading professionals who provide valuable guidance. Do reach out to us to know more about our #online and #virtual training programmes.