What is the ITIL 4 course and why do you require it?

Information Technology Infrastructure Library or ITIL is a must-have IT certification in service management. It is a collection of best practices for improving and establishing ITSM processes, principles, roles and practices. ITIL was originally published in the 1980s as a series of books and it became a part of the AXELOS portfolio of certification in later years. This certification is intended to assist companies to create enduring IT environments for change, growth and to scale.

ITIL is an important method to help firms meet the requirements for the ISO 20000 certification. This ensures that IT firms make sure that their ITSM processes cater to the business demands with international best practices. The certification has been updated in 2019 with the launch of ITIL 4. Since 2007, this is the most significant update that has been done to the framework.

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Why should you use ITIL?

Your company can benefit from ITIL certification in more ways than one. The immediate advantage you gain is a single reliable source of supportive knowledge. ITIL is going to help you achieve better quality and make it easier for your stakeholders to gain an understanding of how your company functions.

The extent to which ITIL can future proof your business is another major advantage of this certification. By making use of the principles of ITIL, your IT infrastructure can deal with unexpected business growth much better than before. It can also handle system disruptions.

ITIL can be used by both small and large businesses as well as private and public companies.

The certification levels of ITIL

Recently, ITIL V3 have evolved to ITIL 4. This certification course has different levels. The certification courses start with the Foundation course where candidates are taught the basics of the ITIL framework and then sit for the ITIL 4 Foundation examination.

Once they have passed the exam, they can move on to the ITIL 4 Managing Professional stream that offers technical and practical understanding of running successful IT-enabled services, workflows, practices, and teams in the Direct Plan and Improve, Create Deliver Support, Drive Stakeholder Value and High Velocity IT courses.

Alternatively, after passing the Foundation exam, you can move on to the ITIL 4 Strategic Leader stream courses, Digital and IT Strategy and Direct Plan and Improve. These provide detailed guidance on leveraging ITIL value for digitally enabled services.

At the master level, you will be need to convey your ability in applying your knowledge in practical service management scenarios.

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