AgilePM Foundation and Practitioner Certifications: Your Passport to a Great Future

The cutthroat competition in the professional world makes it imperative for you to be more productive than ever before, especially if you work in a project environment. And when it comes to efficient project management for enhanced productivity, agile is the way to go. Develop your project management skills and add value to your company with our specialised agile Certifications for guaranteed success. Training Creatively is your one-stop partner for AgilePM Certifications anywhere, anytime.

Cover Foundation and Practitioner Levels with One Course

You can be an asset to your business or organisation if you have an AgilePM Certification. This credential is a validation of your good project management skills. One of the many benefits of our AgilePM programme is that it is divided into two parts, the foundation and practitioner levels, which prepare you for the respective Certifications’ examinations. While the foundation course will introduce you to the fundamentals of agile project management, the practitioner course will give you hands-on project management analytical and application skills. Our comprehensive course is designed to enable you to have a structured project management approach while also improving your career prospects.

Stay Ahead of the Curve with Exceptional Training and Course Material

Professionals from more than 50 countries vouch for our AgilePM course, offered in collaboration with DSDM Consortium and APMG International. Our experienced trainers follow the consortium’s agile project framework for delivering the course content. They are certified instructors who pay great attention to detail when it comes to helping you grasp the concepts covered in the course. The pre-course material and the course manual we provide are developed by industry experts. The high-quality course material along with the guidance from our certified trainers will ensure that you are thorough with the concepts of agile project management before the Certifications’ examinations.

Training Creatively Empowers You to Think Outside of the Box 

By the end of our AgilePM course, you will be able to manage and lead effective agile projects for your organisation or your business and drive it to success. You will have a detailed understanding of different management styles and how to leverage them according to the changes in business environment. Being a certified agile practitioner with the right credentials opens the doors to many opportunities, irrespective of the industry you are in. To validate your knowledge in the methodologies of agile, register for the prestigious Certifications course at Training Creatively.