What are the Benefits of MoV Management of Value Training?

MoV (Management of Value) training course by Training Creatively is a methodology focused with the optimal integration of organisational operational and change activities, resulting in increasing levels of value to organisations. MoV relies on the effective assignment of organisational resources to ensure appropriate levels of effort are used in the right places and times with the right resources to deliver maximum net benefits to the organisation.

Businesses can experience overwhelming benefits if usually limited resources are correctly exploited, resulting in an increase in value. This is why our MoV training courses are appreciated by employers in London. Managing resources in an organised manner can lead to the achievement of quicker turnarounds, alongside cost savings, compliance, and increasing levels of stakeholder satisfaction.

To increase the value of your business, it is important to equip the skills of your employees through MoV training in virtual, onsite, classroom week-day and weekend courses in London. Our course is specifically designed for businesses looking for methods by which they can increase the value of their business. With your employees equipped with the knowledge, understanding and expertise of MoV methodology, you will get the following advantages:

  • Your employees will be able to better optimally utilise the available resources of the organisation
  • They will measure value and also identify ways to maximise the value of the company
  • They will be capable of maximising value without compromising or negatively impacting operational and project objectives
  • Employee activities will be appropriately aligned to ensure the delivery of stakeholder requirements
  • Employees will have the knowledge, skills and competencies to identify and deliver non-financial and financial forecast and emergent benefits

The MOV course equips delegates with MoV Principles, Processes, Techniques and guidance on how to bring about cultural changes that with will optimise the continuous delivery of value for organisations. So, organisations hoping to enhance their value by honing the skills of their employees and equipping them with the knowledge of MoV can send their delegates to Training Creatively’s MoV courses. The Foundation and Practitioner training courses can be completed over a period of 3 or 5 days and it will be conducted by industry-leading professionals with years of experience and expertise. From course materials to tests, sample exams, practical simulations and white papers, you can count on us for all the help and guidance that you need.

For more information regarding our inhouse MoV training course, do get in touch, please.