Why is the BCS Foundation Certificate in DevOps Course Important for Your Career?

fourth-industrial-revolutionWith Fourth Industrial Revolution in full swing, now is a good time to accelerate your software development and IT career. Today,
organisations are looking for skilled
professionals who can help them undergo successful digital transformation. Here is where
you can shine if you complete the BCS
Foundation Certificate in DevOps course.

This article will tell you everything you need to know to give your career a new thrust.

What is DevOps?

Since you are considering doing the course, you know all about DevOps. However, here is a quick recap for those who are new. Software
deployment and IT processes help organisations become more agile. Its focus is to shorten the deployment life cycle and improve developer and operator relations.

What topics are covered in the course?
Since it is a foundation-level course, it will introduce the students to some of the basic concepts of DevOps and prepare them for the advanced levels. The syllabus comprises the following topics:

1. Introduction to DevOps
2. Understanding the culture and how to change it
3. Relevant Methods and Approaches for DevOps
4. Automation
5. Improving agility by applying various environmental management practices and techniques
6. Familiarising with the metrics and understanding which can be used to determine successful delivery.
7. Understanding the customer focus that can help develop an enhanced product or service for them. These are the preliminary concepts of DevOps that will prepare you for a career in IT.

Who can do this course?
It is the perfect course if you belong to one of these professions:
1. cloud infrastructure engineer
2. architecture automation engineer
3. security engineer
4. database administrator
5. product owners
6. DevOps evangelist
7. software tester
8. all IT professionals and practitioners
Wondering what to expect after pursuing the course? Read the outcomes below!

What is the outcome of the BCS Foundation Certificate course?
By the end of the course, the students are confident in the following areas:
1. The basics of DevOps and how to apply it
2. The benefits of adopting the DevOps way of working
3. The necessary tools required for a successful DevOps process
4. Refine the practices that make the company more agile
5. The mindset and skillset needed for DevOps
All these qualities make you a better IT professional and a valued team member.
Upskilling is a continuous process, and as a professional, if you want your career to grow,
enrol for the BCS Foundation Certificate in DevOps course at Training Creatively without further ado.
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