Are you ready to deliver RESILIA services to your clients?

When it comes to cyber security best practice, RESILIA provides a global standard. It prepares organisations and businesses to defend themselves against cyber threats. It also increases staff awareness of cyber residence issues. Training Creatively’s online RESILIA training programmes allows candidates to gain two certifications – Foundation and Practitioner – to showcase their knowledge and understanding of the framework. Certification will enhance your cyber resilience skills and offer your clients peace of mind.

The reasons why you should enrol for our RESILIA training course are:

  • RESILIA is the best methodology in cyber resilience and acknowledged globally
  • It ensures that all levels are aware of the importance and need for cyber security
  • Helps organisations in preparing a culture that is dedicated to cyber resilience
  • It helps in reducing or minimising the effects of security breaches
  • RESILIA works using the same lifecycle as that of ITIL
  • It not only prevents, but also improves the detection, recovery and response to cyber attacks

If you wish to provide your clients RESILIA services, you can greatly benefit by enrolling for our online RESILIA cyber resilience courses. We will provide you with comprehensive course materials and course manual. Training Creatively is one of the AXELOS and PEOPLECERT accredited training providers. You will also get sample question papers and answers, quizzes and everything else that you need to prepare for the certification exam. You can even count on dedicated support from our virtual tutors.

Starting from the definition of key terms in cyber resilience, the course book will walk you through all the other aspects of cyber threats and breaches. You will be able to identify, assess and plan responses to threats and stay prepared so that the impact of cyber breaches can be significantly decreased.

Our coursework covers the following points:

  • Introduction to cyber resilience where you will learn about the meaning of cyber resilience, it’s benefits, practices, processes and principles
  • Learn risk management skills where you will get to know about risk management, its purposes and identify assets, risks, vulnerabilities and threats. You will also learn how to address and take action when your organisation or your client’s business is at risk
  • Cyber resilience management where you will learn all the skills needed to take care of online breaches

At Training Creatively, we provide both Foundation and Practitioner RESLIA training programmes in online, virtual, classroom, weekday, weekend and onsite courses. This means that you can prepare for the exam in the comfort of your living room or home office as well. If you find yourself stuck anywhere or need better understanding, send an email to our industry-leading tutors and they will promptly respond to your enquiries.

Our courses are concise and comprehensive. They cover all the important topics and skills that you need to learn regarding developing cyber resilience. After you have passed the exam, you will become certified and you will be ready to offer your clients better cyber resilience services

So, if you are on the lookout for RESILIA training providers, connect with Training Creatively. We will walk you through the enrolment process and also guide you so that you can pass the exam with flying colours. Feel free to ask us any question that you may have.

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