Skills You Will Improve On from the Change Management Training Courses

The Change Management training course from APMG is designed to help candidates address the challenges experienced when trying to introduce any kind of change within an organisation. This includes all kinds of change drivers – from the adoption of a new software, to mergers, to moving offices. Change managers should know how and why the change needs to happen and how any kind of resistance can be overcome. Change managers are expected to make use of the wide range of organisational theory to support, understand and sustain changes. At Training Creatively, we offer Change Management training courses where candidates can rely on the support and guidance of experienced tutors. Some of the important skills you can acquire by signing up for our Change Management training courses are given below.

Improved communication skills

Excellent communication skills are among the first set of skills improved on by candidates who have enrolled in our Change Management programme. Since a change manager is expected to be involved in direct communication with people at different levels of authority across the organisation, communication skills are important. Change managers are expected to understand the needs of various internal audiences, contextualise information and find ways to make that information relevant to employees. Also, with improved communication skills, they are more capable of sharing change management practices, clarifying what activities need to be changed or what initiatives should be adopted within the company. This gives them the ability to influence, correspond and communicate the value that is brought about by the change and how that can provide a competitive advantage to an organisation.

Strategic thinking skills

Our Change Management course equips candidates with the qualities needed to be a strategic thinker and a visionary. It is crucial for change managers to come up with strategic change plans for the organisation. They are expected to be competent enough to take advantage of available change methodologies and adopt and adapt them to suit their specific change initiative or organisational needs. We make sure that the candidates have the skills needed to tailor change methodologies into their current, as well as, future strategies. Our training courses are aimed at empowering change managers with the principles, concepts, techniques, and tools needed to implement new initiatives and to address resistance that might be faced along the way of implementing changes.

Project management skills

Change managers work alongside project managers who create the products that will be used to deliver change in the affected operational areas of the organisation. This increases the probability of the change succeeding. They should have enough knowledge about project management practices to enable them work effectively with project managers. Change managers should be capable of assessing resources, thinking of outcomes and finding out who is responsible for the different aspects of the change. Change managers track and monitor the progress of the changes implemented and need to know when the enabling outputs are coming from the projects creating them.

So, these are a few of the skills that you will learn by enrolling for our Change Management training programme. Other skills include negotiation, motivation, trust-building, personal resilience, coaching, networking, conflict management. Our industry-leading tutors will work with you to help you improve on these skills so you can be certified as a change manager by the Change Management Institute when you pass the Foundation and Practitioner accreditation exams.

When you sign up for your course, you will receive all the help, guidance and tools needed to pass the exams. From the pre-course materials to the course manual, sample papers, quizzes and more, we will give you the materials you need to understand the change management methodologies and principles.

So, if you need more information regarding our Change Management training programmes, do not hesitate to get in touch. We will walk you through the entire process and we will be happy to clarify any of your doubts or questions that you might have regarding this very useful course.

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