What Can You Learn from the P3O Training Course?

All companies have all types of change going on. There are situations where managers who are responsible have no clue about the impact of such changes in terms of when they will deliver, what they cost and which ones genuinely support currentcorporate objectives. This is where Training Creatively’s P3O training programme provides the required understanding and knowledge. By registering for our course, you will be equipped to deliver the following benefits

  • Delivery support: Project and programme managers need to manage their projects and programmes. They must not be bogged down with admin tasks, which can be handled by team members in a much more skilful and cost-effective manner. Our P3O course describes various functional roles where relevant stakeholders are able to addreal value to the project or programme manager.
  • Decision enabling: Information management is the backbone of any company. Relevant Information needs to be identified, captured, processed, analysed and distributed in a timely manner that enables easy decision-making. Thelevel of quality of information impacts the quality of the decisions that are made. P3O seeks to establish best practices that should be followed by delegates who are involved in information management. P3O provides recommended best practices for managing information systems.
  • Better corporate governance: In the P3O training programme, there is appropriate emphasis on improving corporate governance of the organisation by establishing the best practices for transparency, accountability and visibility. This results in effectiveevaluation, direction and monitoring ofthe use of corporate assets. By ensuring that risks and issues are escalated to the appropriate level of decision-making authority, it is possible to reduce the number of missed blindspots.
  • Interpretation of data: The P3O course pays attention to the way data is interpreted. We do not only focus on the collection of information and its storage. Course candidates will be encouraged to not just challenge, but also scrutinise and provide recommendations to key stakeholders using reasoned argument. This will help in adding some real value to the organisation as more and more benefits will be prioritised and highlighted.

So, these are just some of the invaluable learnings you will gain from the P3O training courses. In order to make sure candidates pass the certification exam, Training Creatively provides P3O sample exams tests and exercises in London. We also give you comprehensive support from our expert trainers and office managers. For more information about our courses and virtual, online, onsite, classroom weekly ad weekend course options, do contact us.