A complete guide to the Management of Portfolios (MoP) Course

Training Creatively offers top-notch training in the Management of Portfolios (MoP) course. MoP provides best practice guidance on applicable methods, principles and practices that should lead to the best change portfolio of programmes and projects in an organisation.

What will you learn?

Delegates acquire best practice knowledge in our MoP Foundation and Practitioner training courses. Here is what you are going to learn:

  • Understanding what Portfolio Management is, its key terms, definitions, and models
  • The five key principles of Portfolio Management
  • The practices, cycles, techniques, benefits, roles, and documentation
  • Learning the 5 steps in defining a Portfolio and the 7 steps in delivering it
  • Knowing how to balance the Portfolio
  • Learning how to use analytical techniques to prioritise initiatives
  • Creating a Portfolio strategy and delivery plan
  • Engaging stakeholders, managing resources, and performing investment appraisals
  • Understanding business change and using different techniques to check progress
  • Applying finance, risk, and resource management techniques in the management of portfolios

The MoP course benefits both individuals and organisations.

How it benefits individuals?

  • Gain better understanding of how Portfolio Management works and applicable techniques and practices to achieve better corporate value.
  • The one who holds a certificate rise above the competition and is more desirable to potential employers.
  • The skills and lessons acquired are transferred to other individuals in the team, working on the same project.
  • A certification from a globally reputed training provider demonstrates your commitment to take up Portfolio roles.

How it benefits organisations?

  • It improves communication between senior management, employees, and stakeholders within an organisation. Mutual understanding develops and new techniques are discovered to achieve the organisational needs.
  • It helps decision-makers to invest in the right projects and manage resources more efficaciously.
  • It helps to identify and prioritise initiatives to invest in the right projects. Also, it removes redundant, duplicate programmes and projects.
  • MoP helps in effectively managing risk and resources, with improved governance and accountability.

What do the MoP Foundation and Practitioner course entail?

The Foundation Course provides the knowledge required to be an effective value management practitioner.

The exam format of the Foundation certificate:

    • Multiple-choice questions
    • Attend 50 questions in each paper
    • Pass marks are 25 out of 50, which is 50%
    • Time is 40 minutes
    • Closed book

The Practitioner course intends to confirm you are able to apply MoP principles, practices and techniques in a tailored way in your organisation’s change initiatives.

The exam format of the Practitioner certification training course is as follows:

      • You need to pass the MoP Foundation exam
      • Multiple-choice questions
      • Attend a total of 80 questions (4 sections with 20 questions each)
      • Pass marks – 40 out of 80
      • Duration- 3 hours
      • Open book exam

At Training Creatively, you get useful course resources, which include exam guidance, course syllabus, case studies, white papers, pre-course reading materials, and questions & answers. The students can also try a sample exam to understand the exam pattern.

Besides offering the MoP Portfolio Management course, we deliver other professional management courses on weekends, weekly, online, and virtual training events. We take pride in providing best quality and affordable training with experienced and accredited trainers.

Our Resources Centre, will provide you with useful information on:
Official Exam Guidance
Pre-course Guidance
Course Syllabuses
Case Studies and White Papers
Course Frequently Asked Question
If you would like to take a free sample free accreditation exam, do visit our Exam Centre.
For more information, do contact us at Training Creatively through or +44208 500 4534.

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