What are the reasons to learn COBIT?

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The connection between technology and the world of business is common knowledge. But the actual structure and role of IT continue to be alien to many. The truth is that IT plays an important role in enabling business processes and the achievement of corporate objectives and strategies – from providing support for customers to meeting regulatory compliance standards. If you do not understand the importance of IT, you could be leaving your organisation vulnerable.

When we are talking about management and governance of enterprise IT, COBIT stands out as the leading global governance framework. It helps businesses in achieving objectives reliably and predictably based on a fit for purpose IT structure. This framework also provides valuable insights into the components, enablers and principles that play a crucial role in effective IT governance and management.

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Key things to know about PRINCE2 Agile Project Management

Released in 2015, PRINCE2 Agile is a combination of Projects in controlled environments 2 (PRINCE2 ) and Agile methods. It has proved to be very popular with project management teams across multiple industries and sectors. It has been specifically designed to deliver PRINCE2 ’s comprehensive management approach, along with the responsiveness and flexibility of Agile practices.

At Training Creatively, we provide online PRINCE2 Agile Project Management course in London and below are some of the important things that you should know about this training programme.

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Are you ready to deliver RESILIA services to your clients?

When it comes to cyber security best practice, RESILIA provides a global standard. It prepares organisations and businesses to defend themselves against cyber threats. It also increases staff awareness of cyber residence issues. Training Creatively’s online RESILIA training programmes allows candidates to gain two certifications – Foundation and Practitioner – to showcase their knowledge and understanding of the framework. Certification will enhance your cyber resilience skills and offer your clients peace of mind.

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Benefits of Enrolling in a Change Management Training Course

Regardless of your level of experience, it is crucial to continuously develop and learn new skills. As your career advances, you have to work efficiently with colleagues, keep up with new technologies, gain deeper expertise within your niche and manage others.

Whilst you will develop most of the mentioned skills naturally during the course of your career, it is management or managing others that is the most challenging to develop. Since you have never had the opportunity to oversee others, it is not possible for you to gauge your effectiveness as a manager. This is the reason why it is a good idea to consider enrolling for our Change management training course in London. At Training Creatively, we provide online Change Management training programmes with guidance from industry-leading experts. Our certified management courses can prove to be beneficial to your career. Keep reading to know the key benefits that management training offers.

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