MSP Certification – An Essential Guide

The MSP (Managing Successful Programmes) certification is for individuals or professionals who are actively participating in programmes and are interested in managing programmes in the future. This certification offers aspirants the knowledge base for successful deployment of transformational flows, programme principles and related governance matters.

At Training Creatively, we offer virtual, classroom, online, weekly and weekend MSP certification courses and encourage individuals to enrol. Those looking to enhance their career opportunities, showcase their expertise in programme management and demonstrate management skills to employers should do so. By getting this certification, individuals convey their commitment to programme management.
MSP provides invaluable knowledge that enable individuals to deal with dynamic and volatile management situations. Professionals are also able to leverage their position in their workplace. Armed with the knowledge acquired in this certification course, professionals can implement programmes better and considerably augment their chances of success.

The MSP certification courses are designed uniquely to enable organisations recognise the need for programme management. It provides best-practice guidance on effective implementation of programmes in such a way that complex deliveries of interlinking projects can be smoothened. Most management decisions are driven by timely delivery within the allotted budget and this certification aims at achieving this objective.

Eligibility requirements for enrolling for the MSP certification course

There are no pre-requisites in terms of eligibility when it comes to taking the MSP Foundation certification examination. Professionals or individuals who are interested in programme-related jobs can boost their career prospects by getting this certification. Programme managers, operational manager, senior project managers and managers working with programme teams are eligible for the MSP certification.

The certification is invaluable for portfolio, risk, change and programme management officials, as well as quality assurance professionals. But, to sit for the MSP practitioner examination, you have to pass the foundation exam.

What is the exam format of MSP certification?

The MSP certification is a 2-tier certification.
The first level or the foundation level

This comprises of the foundation level examination and the format of the examination is multiple-choice questions. The paper will contain 60 questions of 1 mark each. To pass this level, candidates are expected to score at least thirty-six marks out of sixty i.e. 60%. The candidates will be given 60-minutes to finish the paper and the exam is a closed book one.

The second level or the practitioner level

You can attend join our MSP practitioner courses if you have cleared the first level of the certification course. In the practitioner level, the exam is also multiple choice. There will be seventy questions per paper, and you are expected to score forty-two marks i.e. 60% to pass the exam. You will get 2.5 hours and you can refer to the MSP official manual during the exam.

If you want to augment your career prospects, you can reach out to Training Creatively. We provide the MSP foundation and practitioner course and other related courses for professionals who are interested in programme management. Our self-paced courses can be completed online, and you can also attend our virtual and classroom courses. Even the exams are conveniently held online. As for the study material, manuals and sample questions papers, we will give you all the resources that you need to clear the exams. We also provide onsite and weekly and weekend courses.

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