Tips to clear the Prince2 examination in the first attempt

It takes good preparation to pass any professional examination and the Prince2 examination is no exception. At Training Creatively, we provide the Prince2 Foundation and Practitioner online elearning training course in London, and all our other locations, with trainer guidance. You can sit for the online exam whenever it is convenient for you and from any convenient location; but you must have a computer or laptop, webcam, microphone, and a stable internet connection. Even though we provide candidates with all the materials and guides that they need to pass the examination, here are some more tips to help you clear the Foundation & Practitioner examination in one shot. 

For both exams, you must read each letter in the question and in each of the options deeply. Do watch out for options with absolute terms such as “always”, “never”, “must”, “none”, etc. Remember, each project is unique and you can never be doing the same thing always etc. 

Let us discuss both examinations separately. 

Prince2 Foundation Examination

  • Familiarise yourself with the pre-course materials

It is recommended that you prepare as much as possible even before your course begins. We will give you all the pre-course materials and you need to study those properly. This is going to make you familiar with all the concepts that you are going to study once your training begins. 

  • Study the course thoroughly 

Go through the entire Prince2 Foundation course, the numerous exercises, tests, and solve the sample papers. By solving the sample examination papers, you will get an idea of the areas that need improvement. This will also get you used to the format of the exam and make you more confident. You need to gain enough knowledge on the Prince2 methodology as that is the key to passing the Foundation exam in the first attempt. You can rely on our virtual tutors for support whenever you find yourself lost. 

  • Time yourself when solving the sample papers

Native English delegates get 60 minutes to complete your Foundation examination and non-native English delegates get 15 minutes more. The exam comprises of 60 questions and you need to score 33 or 55% to pass it. The examination will be a closed book one and you cannot use the manual. Therefore, familiarising yourself with the manual is crucial. 

The exam is multiple-choice which means that there is always the chance of getting an answer right even if you are not totally sure. So, never leave out any question. But, practice and practice so that you do not run out of time during the examination. 

  • Prince2 Practitioner Examination

You must pass the Foundation exam to be eligible to sit for the Practitioner exam. The focus of the Prince2 Practitioner exam is different from that of the Foundation exam. The paper format is quite similar for both the examination, but the Practitioner has an open-book format. The biggest challenge that delegates face is assimilating a large amount of information that is to be understood, analysed, and applied to project scenarios. But, you do not need to panic. Training Creatively has successfully maintained a passing average of over 90% for our candidates. 

To pass the exam in the first attempt, follow these very simple steps:

  • Read the manual cover to cover – For the Practitioner examination, you can refer to the manual during the exam, (either the printed or e-book versions). The manual has the information, but if you don’t know where to look for the information, you will be wasting your time. So, if you familiarise yourself with the book, it will save you a lot of time. 
  • Remember the appendices – Appendices provide quick information and if you are well-versed with it, you will know exactly where to find the answer for the questions. 
  • Practice sample question papers – Practice is important for both Foundation and Practitioner examination. You need to time yourself when practising the sample papers. Your goal should be to be as thorough and fast as possible. This is going to get you used to the format of the examination. For the Practitioner examination, you will get 2.5 hours to complete your exam or 3 hours and 8 minutes if you are not an English-speaker. You need to answer 44 questions rightly out of 80 questions to pass the exam. If you get any doubts whilst practising the sample papers, you can reach out to our industry-leading, highly-experienced trainers. You can send them an email explaining your doubts and they will revert at the earliest. 

For both Practitioner, as well as, Foundation examination, make sure to answer as many as you can. The aim should be to answer all the questions so that your chances of getting more questions right becomes higher. 

So, if you are appearing for Prince2 examination, hope these tips will help you. Reach out to Training Creatively for any other help that you need. We are always willing to help.