Why Organisations need the MSP Management Of Programmes course?

The world of programme management is complex and of strategic importance to organisations as programmes produce outcomes that transform them. Managing Successful Programmes (MSP) is a methodology that offers clarity, structure, flexibility and control. It is a best-practice guide from the Office of Government Commerce based on the practical experience and collective expertise of multiple thousands of practitioners. MSP Management of Programmes is unique in its status as a generic best-practice framework. We, at Training Creatively, offer certified MSP training courses to equip candidates with the required skills, techniques and resources that will make them become more effective programme managers.

MSP presents the management of programmes in a robust, pragmatic management framework that help companies to realise the capabilities, benefits, and new ways of working that will transform the organisation. MSP provides organisations with the framework, as well as, programme management strategies that helps in optimally delivering products, achieving outcomes and business benefits, and managing change.

A programme consists of one or more projects creating deliverables. These deliverables when put into use in the affected operational areas, resulting in the achievement of one or more strategic objectives of the organisation. A Programmes therefore is the coordinating entity managing the tension between these key activities required to achieve corporate strategy changes.

When it comes to managing business change, MSP is increasingly becoming a crucial framework for organisational usage. It does not matter if the change is within the various functions of an organisation, involving a specific department, or across the whole organisation. With the help of programme management, you can make changes within the company that is beneficial to the business.

MSP management of programmes provides invaluable guidance to the leaders of change in various ways. This includes the provision benefit, resource, stakeholder, quality assurance, risk, issue management strategies…..all geared towards producing the target state being created by the outcomes the programme will achieve for the organisation. When achieved, the target state will enable the achievement of the benefits in the busines case that was used to justify, and maintain, the investment in the programme.

The MSP framework can be adopted and adapted for use in programmes in all types of organisations, but the key managers should ideally have suitable training in MSP. At Training Creatively, we provide the MSP Foundation and Practitioner courses. The Foundation examination is made up of seventy-five questions and lasts for sixty minutes (for native English-speaking candidates). Candidates must score a minimum of 50% to pass and proceed to the Practitioner course.

As for the Practitioner exam, candidates are required to demonstrate their ability to apply and analyse the MSP framework in a programme scenario. This means candidates should be familiar with the guidance in the official manual. Delegates need to score at least 50% out of the 80 questions to be awarded a pass and the time allowed is two and a half hours for native English-speaking candidates.

The MSP Practitioner qualification has been established as the most preferred programme management qualification in several parts of the world. When you enrol for our MSP courses, you will get all the materials required for you to pass the exams. Also, we provide dedicated tutor support and guidance throughout the course.

To sum up, organisations and businesses are constantly put under a lot of pressure to change. Change drivers might be external or internal. But, the chances of failure are always very high. However, MSP has been specifically designed to assist organisations to succeed in today’s highly competitive climate. If you want to have a competitive edge, you need to get MSP training

So, if you wish to know more about MSP training courses and certifications, contact Training Creatively. We are offering online classes with the support of virtual tutors who you can reach out, via email. Sign up for our training programmes, today!