What are the Important Principles of Cobit5 Foundation?

COBIT (Control Objectives for Information and Related Technologies) offers a business framework for the management and governance of IT. It supplies globally accepted practices, principles and analytical tools, along with a growth map that influences proven practices. The need to identify and tailor relevant frameworks and technologies resulted in COBIT5 consolidating COBIT4.1. At Training Creatively, we offer COBIT5 Foundation course online to help individuals, as well as, small and large-scale enterprises plan, control and provide quality information for the success of business and governance processes.

The following 5 principles of COBIT5 make this framework indispensable for IT operations, compliance, security & risk management and other governance stakeholders.

  • Catering to the needs of the stakeholders: COBIT5 facilitates the requirements of the stakeholders into a more achievable and practical strategy. It focuses on negotiation, governance and decision-making on the priorities of the different needs of the stakeholders. By completing our course, delegates are equipped with the skills to maintain a balance between the use of resources and optimising risks. You can craft a more effective approach with the help of our training.
  • Covering every aspect of the service provider: COBIT5 integrates enterprise governance and IT governance at the same time. So, with the help of our COBIT5 Foundation online course, you will have the capacity to decide the scope of the programme, the objective of governance and help in responsibilities and roles effectively. For companies, this means a more streamlined approach and for individuals, this usually lead to career progression.
  • Separating governance from management: The framework, COBIT5, separates governance from management by using EDM (evaluate, direct and monitor) processes for governance and PBRM (plan, build, run and monitor) processes for management. This way it allows both management and governance to serve its own purpose in an integrated bi-lateral relationship.
  • Enabling an Integrated Approach: The COBIT 5 framework enables inputs from various sources in an integrated manner that establishes and maintains a customised governance structure.
  • Application of a single integrated framework: Organisations are under a lot of pressure due to the ever-changing technologies and pressure from both suppliers and customers. However, you can handle the pressure by gaining knowledge about COBIT5 as it has a single integrated framework. The framework can be tailored to suit the needs of different enterprises and you can expect a high level of consistency and coverage. We, at Training Creatively, can teach you the capabilities required to implement this framework within your organisation.

The principles of COBIT5 help to simplify the decision-making process for organisations. Training Creatively’s online COBIT5 Foundation course aims to teach you the principles of this framework and the skills required to quickly apply this framework. Once you have registered for our course, we will provide you with all the pre-course and course materials, white papers, case studies and everything required to pass the examination.