Key things to know about PRINCE2 Agile Project Management

Released in 2015, PRINCE2 Agile is a combination of Projects in controlled environments 2 (PRINCE2 ) and Agile methods. It has proved to be very popular with project management teams across multiple industries and sectors. It has been specifically designed to deliver PRINCE2 ’s comprehensive management approach, along with the responsiveness and flexibility of Agile practices.

At Training Creatively, we provide online PRINCE2 Agile Project Management course in London and below are some of the important things that you should know about this training programme.

How does PRINCE2 Agile Project Management work?

PRINCE2 Agile is a holistic combination of 2 styles of project management. Whilst PRINCE2 focuses on upper-tier management and strategy alignment, Agile is about collaboration, responsiveness, prioritisation, timely deliveries, and swift benefit realisation. Simply put, PRINCE2 Agile works by implementing Agile concepts and practices in the PRINCE2 processes.

Critics of the framework have argued that the two pieces are too different to be compatible. But, such arguments overlook the fact that there is a certain degree of overlap between them. For instance, PRINCE2 encourages flexibility and Agile encourages users to define a number of points within a project clearly. In its best form, this project management method brings out the best in both frameworks.

For those who already have a certificate in either Agile or PRINCE2, the combined framework offers them an added skill. In fact, you can take the PRINCE2 Agile Practitioner exam if you already have a PRINCE2  Foundation certificate.

Can the PRINCE2 Agile certification help you?

PRINCE2 Agile Project Management helps organisations in optimising the use of the latest project management methods. As you know, the activities involved in project management are changing and they are becoming extremely complicated. These activities are influenced by technological capabilities, customer expectations, compliance and regulatory requirements, stakeholder priorities, limited resources etc are constantly evolving as they are always affected numerous change triggers. If you want high-quality results, it is crucial your project manager have the ability to plan, delegate, monitor and control the management of these complicated activities whilst keeping the project aligned with organisational goals.

Benefits of PRINCE2 Agile

  • Increased adaptability – The framework is quite generic and this is why it can be implemented to any industry, location or sector. This does not mean that PRINCE2 Agile provides an easy to-do-list that anyone can apply without thinking. Instead, the framework outlines the points of focus and important factors that can be applied to any project. Practitioners also have the flexibility to further adapt the framework when required.
  • Simple to incorporate – Both Agile and PRINCE2 are widely used project management frameworks in the world. So, if your organisation is already using one of them, upskilling your staff will not be a huge challenge. As your staff gains knowledge of PRINCE2 Agile, they can implement a holistic project management style.
  • Greater control – At a delivery level, Agile project managers are considered to be excellent at completing tasks. But, this viewpoint can be limited. There has to be an upper tier of management to make sure that the project is successful at a strategic level. This is where PRINCE2 comes in.
  • Enhanced communication and collaboration – This is a common and important requirement in any industry. When practitioners are all familiar with the same methodology and terminology, it becomes easier to communicate and collaborate on projects. This helps in keeping projects streamlined and also speeds up completion.

Do you need more information about PRINCE2 Agile Project Management and how it can help you? Do not hesitate to reach out to Training Creatively. We will also give you all the details regarding our certified online PRINCE2 Agile training course and the exam materials that you will get once you sign up.

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