MoR – Management of Risk guidance

MoR (Management of Risk) is a framework that allows an organisation or an individual to identify, assess and control risks that might affect the achievement of objectives. MoR enables users to look at both negative and positive risks and determine how they can be optimised so that the organisation stays within its projected path. MoR certifications are accredited by PeopleCERT and AXELOS, and candidates can look forward to getting quality training at Training Creatively. We offer online courses as well as onsite, virtual, and classroom weekly and weekend training events. 

Since it is tailorable, the MoR framework can be applied to any company or activity resulting in optimal and sustainable risk management. The generic nature of this methodology means that it can be transferred to any industry sector with positive results. This makes it beneficial to organisations, as well as, individuals as it enhances the candidate’s ability to assess risk effectively whilst also increasing the efficiency of the organisation.

Management of Risk: Guidance for Practitioners’, is the official guide approved by AXELOS and specifically created for candidates attending the MoR training programmes, and other interested parties. We recommend that you go through the guide’s contents as that will aid your learning. With this manual, you will get a good knowledge of the terminology, concepts and the four elements of the MoR methodology. You will get a solid foundation on which you can build during the MoR course. 

As market and other ecosystem complexities increases, it has become more important than ever to control risks which companies are exposed to in various scenarios. Moreover, since organisations are always subject to change, it is a risk in itself to not identify threats that potentially threaten the company; or opportunities that should be tapped into. This is where the application of the MoR Management of Risk methodology can be helpful in all enterprises. 

The framework of MoR is based on the following 4 elements:

  1. Principles – This establishes the core guidance that ultimately results in an optimal risk culture across the enterprise. Candidates also learn about the mechanisms that are in place to support the principles. 
  2. Approach – This includes some recommended MoR documents that should be adopted and adapted and helps in implementing the principles. The importance and use of the different documents are learnt by candidates. 
  3. Processes – This mainly focuses on the iterative activities that are used to identify, assess, and control risks so the goals of the organisation can be achieved. 
  4. Embedding and reviewing – The adoption of the framework of Management of Risk within a company is key. In this element, candidates are taught the importance of embedding risk management into their existing processes and in corporate culture.

MoR is beneficial to both individuals and organisations. For individuals, our training course empowers candidates to identity, assess, and control risks better within their organisations. This helps in enhancing career prospects and occupying key positions after getting certified in MoR. As for organisations, it gives them a competitive edge in the industry and allows them to discover threats before they become serious problems. They are also able to identify threats and reduce their impact and/or probability. With their ability to analyse and manage risks improved, companies can create a stronger foundation for future success and growth. 

So, sign up for Training Creatively’s MoR training courses and get certified. With us, you will get all the help you need to pass the examinations. Our tutors are always available to help you out and we will provide you with sample papers, the course manual and more. Talk to us, today!

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