Key factors for successful PRINCE2 certification

The Prince2 certification entails two levels of exams – foundation level and practitioner. The foundation level tests the candidate on facts and concepts of Prince2. Straightforward multiple choice questions are a part of this test. However, Practitioner is the ultimate test of a candidate’s understanding of Prince2 concepts. The questions are scenario based and they delve deep into the crux of Prince2 philosophy and its enabling principles and underlying themes. Mastery over the English language is a key to getting Prince2 certified since the course is very intense in terms of content and the style of questions asked.

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Risk Management Strategy in your projects

Risk management something which is being buzzed about a lot among the project management community but most people don’t act on it efficiently enough resulting in failed or financially unfeasible projects.

Prince2 explains the whole risk management approach through the risk management strategy. It talks about an organization’s attitude towards risk, risk appetite of an organization and the necessary control actions necessary.

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