What Can Individuals and Businesses Gain from the MOV Course?

MOV (Management of Value) has evolved from the tried and tested practice of value management across different sectors. Training Creatively’s MOV course is aimed at helping individuals and organisations enhance the value that they deliver by making better use of the available resources. Keep reading to know the benefits gained by both individuals and businesses upon completing our MOV Foundation and MOV Practitioner course.

For employers and businesses:

Profound benefits can be experienced by businesses if an increase in value occurs, and therefore, employers appreciate MOV certifications. Gaining this certification helps businesses and employers in managing their resources in an organised manner leading to cost savings and faster delivery speeds. A great outcome for organisations is the reducing costs subsidised by growing returns.

MOV also has the capability of offering non-financial benefits by considering the requirements of stakeholders. By opting for our corporate on-site MOV courses, you will be making your employees capable of supplying the demands of the stakeholders and facilitate engagement with end-users. Moreover, MOV encourages innovations of products and services with the aim of achieving quality.

For individuals:

Employers are always looking for ways by which to increase value and gain benefits; therefore, a MOV certification makes individuals extremely valuable to employers. Those who possess this certification is qualified to understand how the maximisation of value takes place and how they can extract the required potential from limited resources. The expertise of such individuals is helpful in supporting managers who make decisions regarding benefits and value. MOV certified individuals understand the importance of both financial and non-financial benefits, and employers consider them as an asset to the organisation. If you are seeking to enhance your employment opportunities, register for our MOV Practitioner course. In case you do not have any knowledge about Management of Value, you can start by signing up for our foundation level course.

So, now that you know the benefits that you can gain from MOV certifications, avail Training Creatively’s Foundation or Practitioner Course at competitive prices. We offer different learning alternatives including weekly courses, virtual tutor-led courses and corporate on-site courses. You can sign up for the course that best suits your schedule.

The course fee that we ask is nominal and includes official course manual, pre-course manual, course materials, conducive and comfortable venues with excellent transportation links, refreshments, examination fees and so on. We also allow you to retake Foundation exam at no extra cost if you are unable to pass the test the first time. Our course is conducted by industry-leading trainers. For further details, do not hesitate to get in touch with us, via call or email.