What are the most demanded Agile and Scrum certifications?

The Agile Philosophy promises the delivery of value by incremental deliveries of project products through continuous stakeholder engagement. This is reflected on the renowned Agile Manifesto. Quite a few agile methods have since been created to achieve these promises. Each method has its own unique approach, but they all share these common characteristics:

  1. Incremental Delivery
  2. Prioritisation of requirements
  3. Time Boxing
  4. Customer/User participation in product creation

Ecosystems, markets, stakeholders, and products are rapidly changing, and more and more organisations now utilise agile principles, practices and methods in their change and operational activities. Agile appears to be the project approach of the hour and this has triggered the need for many project practitioners to acquire Agile certifications. 

With the knowledge and skills acquired when gaining Agile certification, delegates are better able to help organisations achieve delivery predictability, accelerate product delivery and benefits realisation. At Training Creatively, we offer multiple Agile certification courses through onsite, online, virtual, and classroom weekly and weekend training events.

Here are the most popular Agile certifications that you should be aware of.

AgilePM Certification

The Agile Project Management course, from the Agile Consortium and APMG, is hailed as one of the most popular project management certifications. This certification is for agile practitioners who use agile practices and methodologies in their projects as well as project managers using waterfall methods who see the need to incorporate agile techniques in their projects. 

The AgilePM processes are Pre-Process, Feasibility, Foundations, Evolutionary Development, Deployment and Post-Project, all carried out within a flexible structure. This course provides guidance to delegates on how to combine, in its flexible structure, the use of agile techniques (such as iterative and incremental delivery, MOSCOW prioritisation, continuous business involvement, timeboxing, rich communications) while ensuring that the project is focused on the achievement of strategic benefits for the sponsoring organisation. 

AgileSHIFT Certification

The AgileSHIFT certification by AXELOS is the new solution helping enterprises to achieve agility. This certification aims to equip delegates with the skills and knowledge required for strategic changes in their organisations. This is a tailored, lightweight framework that offers explicit guidance on addressing the barriers to enterprise agility. 

By taking a holistic view of an enterprise, this certification course creates and supports the champions of change that a business requires to thrive in a competitive industry and changing ecosystem. This certification training two-day course (accredited by PEOPLECERT on behalf of AXELOS) is specifically designed to be used by the entire enterprise, resulting in the optimal achievement of strategic objectives for the organisation. 

Scrum Product Courses (Scrum Product Owner/Certified Scrum Master/Certified Scrum Developer)

Scrum training provides a specific set of practices used in managing product creation processes in agile projects, primarily for software development. Certification courses accredited to Scrum Alliance, ScrumStudy and Scrum.Org, are useful for companies and professionals who use Scrum methodologies in their projects. The most popular certifications for Agile Scrum professionals are Certified Scrum Product Owner, Scrum Master Certified and Certified Scrum Developer (also called similar-sounding names by these certification bodies).   

PRINCE2 AGILE Certification

The PRINCE2 AGILE certification course by AXELOS provides delegates with the ability to optimise the use of agile techniques within the PRINCE framework, resulting in the optimal delivery of outputs, outcomes, and benefits for sponsoring organisations. This course provides delegates with skills and competencies that makes them quite adept in combining the use of the core PRINCE framework (based on Principles, Themes, Processes and Tailoring) with Agile Practices (such as iterative and incremental delivery, MOSCOW prioritisation, continuous business involvement, timeboxing, rich communications).

So, these are the most popular Agile/Scrum certifications. If you want more information about these training courses, you can contact Training Creatively. We provide certification courses at competitive prices and you can count on our unmatched virtual tutor support. We look forward to hearing from you.