MoR – Management of Risk guidance

MoR (Management of Risk) is a framework that allows an organisation or an individual to identify, assess and control risks that might affect the achievement of objectives. MoR enables users to look at both negative and positive risks and determine how they can be optimised so that the organisation stays within its projected path. MoR certifications are accredited by PeopleCERT and AXELOS, and candidates can look forward to getting quality training at Training Creatively. We offer online courses as well as onsite, virtual, and classroom weekly and weekend training events. 

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What are the most demanded Agile and Scrum certifications?

The Agile Philosophy promises the delivery of value by incremental deliveries of project products through continuous stakeholder engagement. This is reflected on the renowned Agile Manifesto. Quite a few agile methods have since been created to achieve these promises. Each method has its own unique approach, but they all share these common characteristics:

  1. Incremental Delivery
  2. Prioritisation of requirements
  3. Time Boxing
  4. Customer/User participation in product creation
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Tips to clear the Prince2 examination in the first attempt

It takes good preparation to pass any professional examination and the Prince2 examination is no exception. At Training Creatively, we provide the Prince2 Foundation and Practitioner online elearning training course in London, and all our other locations, with trainer guidance. You can sit for the online exam whenever it is convenient for you and from any convenient location; but you must have a computer or laptop, webcam, microphone, and a stable internet connection. Even though we provide candidates with all the materials and guides that they need to pass the examination, here are some more tips to help you clear the Foundation & Practitioner examination in one shot. 

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