Which Project Management Methodology is Right For You?

Today, there is an overwhelming number of project management methodologies available and there is no one solution that fits everyone. Each approach has its own techniques, processes and best practices. They also have their weaknesses and strengths. When it comes to selecting the right project management methodology for yourself, you need to take into consideration the following factors:

  • Complexity
  • Strategic goals
  • Risks
  • Stakeholders
  • Project cost
  • Timeline

Achieving project success is complex with many objectives and stakeholders to satisfy. This is why delivering a successful project is not only about cost, time and quality. Also, it is about meeting strategic and stakeholder expectations. It is essential that you maintain appropriate control throughout the project and by selecting the right approach, it will become easier for you to achieve success.

At Training Creatively, we offer Managing Benefits Foundation and Practitioner virtual and online training courses in London, along with the following project management methodologies. To make your choice, consider your project, stakeholder, and organizational requirements.

  • Agile methodologies

For large and complex projects, one of the key constraints is the inability to quickly adapt to changing needs. When it comes to Agile, adaptability is a core strength. It enables teams to change direction when required with reduced impact.

Agile methodologies apply an iterative and incremental approach to the development of software, products and solutions. Intentional collaboration and cooperation should result in continuous improvement. End-users get real value from the products created in the project and this increases the ROI of the business.

If your project must be delivered in a change-driven and fast-moving environment where transparency, trust and creativity are all important, Agile will be a great choice for you.

  • Scrum methodologies

This is a transparent and powerful framework that allows teams to deliver products in short iterations. This guarantees rapid feedback, quicker adaptations and continuous improvement.

Simple to understand and lightweight, Scrum has become one of the most used Agile methodologies today. Scrum teams are cross-functional, creative and self-organizing. Three key roles are incorporated by them:

  • The Product Owner who is responsible for enhancing the product value and managing the product roadmap
  • The Development Team who is responsible for not just creating, but also delivering a production-ready increment at the end of every Sprint
  • The Scrum Master is the servant-leader and member of the team and ensures that Scrum principles, processes, and techniques are adapted and implemented optimally.

If Scrum matches your project needs, do not hesitate to reach out to Training Creatively as we offer Scrum online courses as well.

  • Lean methodologies

This promotes the realization of customer value while decreasing waste. Its objective is to create more value for the end-users with restricted resources. This methodology is considered best for companies that are looking to transform the way they conduct business and wish to get rid of unnecessary tasks, resources, and processes, resulting in optimization in value creation.

If you need more information in making up your mind regarding which project management methodology is perfect for you, Training Creatively is here for you. Call us today to find out about our online, virtual, and classroom courses.