Change Management Certifications to Boost Your Career

Change management is a necessary skill for project management, IT and business development. If you have a change management certification, it will not just boost your professional career, it will also enrich you with better knowledge and skills to implement in your enterprise. At Training Creatively, we provide online change management courses to help both individuals and organisations.

Here, we have listed the important change management certifications that can help improve your skills and augment your career.

Change management foundation certificate

APMG International offers the change management foundation certification training programme in collaboration with the Change management Institute (CMI). This course is designed for beginners. If you are new to the world of change management, this is the ideal course for you. This training programme will take you through the basics that you may require in your initial project or business change activities.
Even if you have experience and seeking a change management practitioner certificate, you need to sign up for the foundation programme first. To get certified, you need to score 25 out of total marks of 50 in the certification exam.

In this programme, you will learn:

  • The roles that are needed to achieve and sustain change in the enterprise
  • Get acquainted with the various types of processes that would help you to facilitate change
  • It allows you to comprehend how people react to change and how you can encourage them to embrace change
  • You will get the guidance to develop tactics that will keep people motivated at the time of change

Change management practitioner certification

This certification is also provided by APMG International. This certification course is for professionals who have passed the foundation training course and have higher-level decision -making authority

The practitioner certification is designed to increase your analysis and application skills and is based on the foundational knowledge you have acquired.

During this programme, you will learn the following:

  • Get to know the process framework so that you can understand organisational change
  • You will learn how to motivate and improve people by being empathetic
  • You will know how to build a team that is needed for change, as well as, how to boost the performance of the team
  • It will teach you to establish skills and roles to facilitate change in the enterprise
  • You will improve your analytical change skills and be more capable in applying more change techniques in a customised way

For more information on change management courses, connect with Training Creatively. We are one of the leading providers of change training and you can take advantage of our virtual and self-paced online training programmes.

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