Master Benefits Management With the APMG Managing Benefits Course

Are you planning to implement a new ERP for the sales department or a new HR strategy throughout the organisation? Monitoring the pre and post-change periods is vital. Do you know how to reap the benefits of an organisational change or how to calculate and communicate its positive impact on all stakeholders? The answer to all these questions is simple: Benefits Management.

What is Benefits Management?
Benefits management is an indispensable activity of managers checking of the outcome. In addition, it also tracks, reports, and handles the benefits of the change. You can learn all about it in the APMG Managing
Benefits course.

Learninbenefits-managementg objectives of the APMG Managing Benefits course
This advanced course aims to teach:
1. The Concept of Benefits Management
2. Principles of Benefits Management
3. Implementing Benefits Management
4. Value And Appraisal of the Benefits
5. Benefits Planning and Benefits Realisation
6. Benefits Management Cycle


Who should pursue this course?
Are you wondering if this course is for you? Most probably, yes. It is for those professionals who are looking to scale up their careers. Here is a list of those who can pursue the APMG Managing Benefits course:
1. Business Managers
2. Strategic planners and policy leaders
3. Project, portfolio, and programme managers
4. Senior executives
5. Finance professionals
6. Relevant Stakeholders

What does the APMG Managing Benefits course cover?
The APMG Managing Benefits course is divided into two modules:
1. Foundation
2. Practitioner

The Foundation course covers the elementary concepts of benefits management, including scope, definition, and objective. It highlights the barriers to effective benefits management, principles, and practices of benefits management. You will also learn key roles and responsibilities for benefits management and approaches to implementation.
Once you are done with the first level, you can move on to the practitioner level. Here you will learn-

  • Planning the implementation of benefits management
  • Selecting the right strategies to measure progress
  • Identifying activities that should be undertaken during each Benefits Management Cycle
  • Responsibilities of each role
  • Evaluating scenarios and finding appropriate sustainable solutions for them.

You can find more information on this course on the official APMG International website. If you are planning to climb up the corporate ladder, then reskilling and upskilling is a must. Move to a senior position at your organisation and become a valued member of the team
through the APMG Managing Benefits course at Training Creatively.
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