MoR – Management of Risk guidance

MoR (Management of Risk) is a framework that allows an organisation or an individual to identify, assess and control risks that might affect the achievement of objectives. MoR enables users to look at both negative and positive risks and determine how they can be optimised so that the organisation stays within its projected path. MoR certifications are accredited by PeopleCERT and AXELOS, and candidates can look forward to getting quality training at Training Creatively. We offer online courses as well as onsite, virtual, and classroom weekly and weekend training events. 

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Everything You Need to Know About MOR Training

MOR Foundation and Practitioner course is directed towards helping companies to put in place a useful and valuable framework for the management of risk. This framework will help organisations in making informed decisions regarding the risks that affect their programme, strategic, operational and project objectives. With the help of our training course, organisations will be able to adopt a risk management route map combining the basic concepts and approach, along with interrelated process steps and recommendations on tried and tested risk management techniques. During our course, organisations will gain insight on how the approach, principles and processes would be embedded and applied as per the nature of risks.

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MOR Training and Its Benefits for Organisations

The MOR (Management of Risk) training course considers risks across all aspects within an enterprise; covering operational, project, programme and strategic perspectives. Specialisms covered include physical security, business continuity, health and safety, reputational and environmental risks. At Training Creatively, we provide MOR Foundation and Practitioner, and Re-registration, courses in London with classroom weekday and weekend as well as online, virtual or corporate on-site options. Our course helps businesses to optimize their risk management activities.

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