All About The BCS Foundation Certificate In Business Analysis Course

Like many, do you also want to establish a dynamic career in the business world? If yes, what extra can you do to set yourself apart from the crowd? The demand for proficient business analysts is rising as companies are becoming more data-oriented and futurecentric. The BCS Foundation Certificate in Business Analysis course helps you enter the job market and bring value to the table.

Five reasons you should do this course:
Before exploring the course syllabus or who it is for, it is vital to understand its learning outcomes. Here are five reasons why you and your team members must do this course:
1. At the end of the course, you will develop a keen eye for identifying and evaluating options that will improve your business.
2. You will learn about a business analyst’s key roles and responsibilities in the context of a larger group and wider projects.
3. You can develop a better understanding of the generic Business Change Lifecycle and how a business analyst can help in the same.
4. You will attain a new skill set that will enable you to perform certain functions like managing and communicating more efficiently.
5. You will become a pro at managing, categorising, analysing, and handling stakeholders.

Now let’s see through which topics you will attain these skills.

The BCS Foundation Certificate in Business Analysis course gives students a formal introduction to business analysis. It is a comprehensive curriculum that focuses on the following topics:

1. Introduction to business analysis
2. Skills and competencies of a business analyst
3. Strategies related to business analysis
4. Service framework of business analysis
5. Investigating different scenarios and understanding them
6. Managing stakeholders
7. Improving business processes
8. Defining problem and solution
9. Making and documenting business cases
10. Documenting, validating, and managing requirements
11. Delivering business solutions

The course will give the attendee a base for becoming a better business analyst.

Who should attend the course?

Business AnalystThis course is for all those trying to understand the roles and responsibilities of a business analyst. It includes:

  • Business Change Managers
  • Project Managers
  • Business Analysts
  • System Engineers
  • Business Managers
  • Team Leaders

You can also pursue this course if you are looking to switch careers and opt for a business centric profile.

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