APMG Stakeholder Engagement Course : Guide to Stakeholder Management

One of the key elements of an organisation is its stakeholders. But stakeholder management is not easy. We should be engaging stakeholders, not managing them. When implementing a change in an organisation, irrespective of its scale, it will impact several stakeholders. So a change manager or other members of the management must have the prerequisite skillset to manage changes and the affected stakeholders.


The APMG Stakeholder Engagement course enables the learners to identify the key aspects of stakeholder management and hone their skills.

How will this course help you climb the corporate ladder?
The APMG Stakeholder Engagement course enables you to delve deep into stakeholder management. After completing the course, you can notice these six benefits:
1. The course will improve your communication skills
2. You will be able to influence the stakeholders
3. Be better at mobilising the team
4. It will fast-track your progress removing the obstacles
5. You will learn to emerge as a key player in your organisation
6. You will be able to use resources optimally, reducing wastage

What topics does the APMG Stakeholder Engagement course cover?
The course understands the need for stakeholder management and therefore has an extensive syllabus that probes into the specific cases, their strategies, and remedies for efficiently handling stakeholders.
Area 1: The first area concentrates on introducing the concepts to the learners. It will highlight the facts, terms, ideas, and techniques.
Area 2: The second area talks about different themes of stakeholder management. Here you will be introduced to specific theories and the art of storytelling. It also talks about collaboration techniques.
Area 3: Here, you will be introduced to the stakeholders, their segments, and their interrelationships.
Area 4: The fourth part talks about how to shape engagement.
Areas 5 to 7 focus on the practical applications where you will form a message, implement it and measure it.

Who should enrol in this course?
The best part about this course is that it can be done by any member of the organisation who aspires to lead, shape, and achieve positive outcomes from change. It is the perfect fit for change managers who usually work closely with stakeholders. If you see yourself in higher management someday, this course will be the stepping stone.

Do you pride yourself as a people person and love challenges?

The APMG Stakeholder Engagement course at Training Creatively is a perfect addition to your CV. You can find all the information on the official APMG website or contact our dedicated customer support team.

Enrol in the course and qualify for the exam to give your corporate career a thrust.

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