What are the most demanded Agile and Scrum certifications?

The Agile Philosophy promises the delivery of value by incremental deliveries of project products through continuous stakeholder engagement. This is reflected on the renowned Agile Manifesto. Quite a few agile methods have since been created to achieve these promises. Each method has its own unique approach, but they all share these common characteristics:

  1. Incremental Delivery
  2. Prioritisation of requirements
  3. Time Boxing
  4. Customer/User participation in product creation
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Agile Project Management, an effective workforce empowerment

Agile project management, is an effective empowerment in the workforce of an organization, where changing the whole perspective of an individual about projects. The training given to the team member transforms the individual in to a key player receiving projects successfully. The training explains clearly about the foundations for the agile projects laid in an organization. While in the training program we can adopt the project management with different styles. When compared to the old project management and its method, the modern agile techniques are very flexible and easy to adopt. Advanced applicable knowledge level and understanding of techniques can be achieved via training programs. The tools used in agile projects are very organized where we can identify relevant methods which lead to success.

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