know ur PRINCE2 certification better !

When projects are first implemented into practise there is always a threat that they would go out of control, and create a financial mess of the company. however, the project managers fear they lose control of the project, but it can be managed with several project management strategies.

Projects do get out of control, the reasons are;

Reason 1:  The project is not fully planned out. This is commonly due to the eagerness of everyone involved to get the project up and running but they forget what exactly is involved and what needs to be planned. Effective action planning should be done which takes more than charts and diagrams planning on the board. Meanwhile PRINCE2 professionals are taught with effective planning and also how to maintain the enthusiasm in their business.

Reason 2: lack of control, which is lot of ideas with lot of people involved. Due to more ideas and opinions from many people involved in the project would lead to conflict. When such situation happens it would be for promotion of someone’s career and not for the sake of the company.

Reason 3: bending the rules, which is a project manager bends the rule for one individual, and others also expect the same. Lack of management and employees would occur over the project. So it is important that the project manager maintains the methodologies strictly with his employees.

Final reason is project manager has set too much work for himself. In the beginning they would have one project in mind, and by the end they would have seven. In order to solve this problem one should start small and build up. Since there is only one project manager the workload needs to be manageable.

It is essential for the project manger to keep everything under control, so PRINCE2 course is the most famous project management course and it is well known for the amount of control It has in the project. It is achieved because it follows the things which are necessity. It ensures everything is on right track frequently. It is important for a project manager not to assume everything is ok all the time, he has to question and confirm what needed to be done is done. The next thing is to check what everyone involved is doing in the project. It therefore ensures the project manger is in control over every aspect of the project. The next step is to modify changes to make sure it is in control and all project team play their respective roles. The last step is to inform any stakeholders of any progress changes which are taking place.

The above steps are taught throughout the PRINCE2 Training course to enhance the project management strategy.