Change Management Essential for Organisation…

Due to constant innovation of technology in regard to communication, the concepts and functioning of organisation should necessarily approach for change management. Change management course is the process to accustom with the changed environment in the business. Change management is a practise to achieve maximum benefit with minimum change of workers or infrastructure, and to benefit stockholders in the business environment. Change management is defined as the utilization of the basic structures and tools to control over change in any organisation.

In between 1980 and 1990s the top leaders became dissatisfied implementing changes, during 1994 is the beginning of unofficial change management industry, and there was rapid development of technology. Change management is a structured approach to ensure the change becomes smooth and successful. Globalisation and innovation of technology results in constant change in business environment.

Sometimes that change management result has resulted loss to the stockholders and business and in some cases it has become advantageous.  It is necessary to ensure proper change management policy to be implemented in appropriate time. Some organisation changes are based on mission changes, strategic changes, operational changes, technological changes and changes in the attitude and behaviour of the management personnel.

The change management consists of some steps which should be followed rigidly by the management team or project leader. The success of change management depends on preparing for change, managing change and reinforcing change, and these are the three phases for a successful change management practitioner process. Hence to adopt the phases the management team or the project leader should have basic knowledge, appropriate training and above all experience of practitioner.

Supervisors play key role in change management programs. The change management team required to prepare a coaching strategy for the supervisors. Specific courses of change management will be arranged for employees and business management.

There are accredited training organisations to offer change management courses to enable the participants to implement the process of change management successfully as a practitioner. The change management courses generally cover benefits for individuals, benefits for organisation, foundation level and practitioner level. The change management certification course deals with theories like how change is affected by the individual, the team, the organisation and the change leader. The change management practitioner after taking training can implement the policy effectively. And it also increases the ability of trainee professionals to adopt the change management process at later stage. Well it is necessary for every organisation in order to maintain the change of environment.

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