Know your certification – Here is what you need to know about MSP

  • The first version of MSP was released during 1999 and after few years the second version was released with updated and new methods. This version is developed to meet the demands of business people. The next updated version of MSP was during 2007 which is an updated version and refined one it is so amazing for users and opt for training. MSP has set best standards for project management field. And the demands for professional MSP certification and MSP training are growing.
  • MSP training courses will benefit these professionals; program managers, program team members, senior business managers, and change managers.
  • MSP training courses are provided in three levels they are: MSP foundation certificate, MSP practitioner certificate, and MSP advanced practitioner certificate.MSP foundation certificate training will be for 5 days and gives an overview of program management, on the final day trainees will take the MSP foundation exam.MSP practitioner course will be about a detailed view of MSP framework and this training will be for 5 days. One can also combine MSP foundation course with MSP practitioner course.MSP advanced practitioner certificate training will be offered to program managers and it deals about how to apply MSP to practical projects.MSP certification and demand for people is huge according to data. There are many institutions offering MSP training and MSP courses to obtain MSP certification.

This instance will give an idea about which course will earn more salary than others thatis according to a survey the salary of program manager is higher than that of project manager. So the trainee should know the difference between two ranks. Hence this article gives adetailed information and guidance how to join and receive MSP certification.

  • If you want be a very successful program manager then you should obtain your MSP certification. During recent times it’s proven that MSP is popular among professionals and employers. MSP certification is equal with PRINCE2 certification.
  • Program manager plays an important role in an organization, and program management is about making changes in organization and it works functionally. This management has major investment in projects.
  • According to recruitment statics the demand for program managers and program management role is growing, and with MSP certification the pay grade is 50 percent more than project manager. An MSP certification manager handles many projects and he offers leadership allocating resources and maintaining daily schedules, plans in project.
  • There are two ways to get certification; one is offered by PMI or Project Management Institution the US based, which offers courses in project management professional. The second is MSP or Managing Successful Programs from the OGC and accredited by the APM group. So to get MSP certification one should go and take MSP training.