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AgileBA Agile Business Analysis course and Exam


Introducing an Agile approach has a significant impact on the role of the Business Analyst, on their existing skills and their way of working. AgileBA training and certification is based on the AgileBA Handbook, published by the Agile Business Consortium. The Handbook offers useful, practical and comprehensive guidance on the role of the Business Analyst working in an Agile way.

Our AgileBA Business Analysis training and certification is based on the AgileBA Handbook, published by the Agile Business Consortium. The Handbook offers a practical and repeatable methodology that achieves an ideal balance between the standards, rigour and visibility required for good agile project business analysis, and the fast-pace, change and empowerment provided by Agile.

Accredited training and certification will help individuals to:

  • Apply the underpinning philosophy, principles and processes of AgileBA in a project situation
  • Describe and apply the Agile approach to managing and prioritising requirements
  • Produce and evaluate the content of BA-produced products during an Agile project
  • Identify and apply popular Agile techniques in a project situation, including MoSCoW prioritisation, iterative development and timeboxing
  • Understand the roles and responsibilities within an Agile project and the different levels of empowerment with respect to requirements and the business case
  • Understand the mechanisms for facilitation and support within an Agile project
  • Understand how to test, estimate and evaluate benefits delivery in an Agile project
  • Describe and apply the Agile approach to managing requirements.


Benefits include:

  • Provide a way of addressing competitive advantage by adding value.
  • Promote sustainable decision making, based on adding value, by addressing both monetary and non- monetary factors.
  • Maximize value in line with the programme and project objectives and key stakeholder requirements.
  • Provide a means to define objectives and scope clearly in terms of the organization’s and end users’ short- and long-term needs.
  • Supplement current management practices to increase value delivered and make better use of resources.


Benefits include:

  • Deliver more relevant outcomes and benefits more efficiently and effectively.
  • Measure and audit value, considering monetary and non-monetary benefits and achieving optimal balance between them, and demonstrating optimum value has been achieved.
  • Enable effective consultation and engagement of stakeholders and end users and reconcile differing needs.
  • Improve benefits, reduce expenditure, and speed up delivery without impacting essential project scope or service quality.
  • Enable more efficient delivery by employing fewer resources to better effect.

The purpose of the foundation level is to confirm you have sufficient knowledge and understanding of the AgileBA guidance to enable you to contribute effectively to AgileBA activities led by others; enable you to understand and explain AgileBA to others; and pre-qualifies you for the AgileBA Practitioner Exam.

  • Exam Format:

    • 40 minutes
    • Closed book
    • 50 questions, multi-choice
    • Requires 25 (50%) correct answers or more to pass
    • You do not lose marks for incorrect answers
    • Candidates who wish to take the Practitioner level examination need to pass the Foundation exam.

We offer the following learning alternatives:

  • 3-day weekly and 2-day weekend classroom courses – online exam after
  • 3-day virtual tutor-led weekly and 2-day weekend courses
  • 3-day corporate on-site courses
  • 365-day access to our self-paced e-learning online course
  • As part of the 5-day Foundation and Practitioner tutor-led virtual and classroom weekday and 4-day weekend courses – online exams after
  • Business Analysts, Managers, Project Managers, Change Managers, Portfolio, Project and Programme Office staff and their sponsors.
  • Those who apply the methods in other PPM guides to build on and enhance the activities to maximise value and delivery of benefits.
  • Certified Professionals in AgileBA Foundation
  • Agile team members who want to become Agile Project Managers and Business Analysts
  • Exam Format:

    Pre-requisite: BCS Foundation Certificate in Business Analysis
    • Exam Requirement: Foundation Exam Pass
    • Multiple choice (objective) testing
    • 4 question areas with 20 question items per question area - all question items will be worth 1 mark, making the total number of marks available per paper 80
    • 40 marks required (out of 80 available) to pass - 50%
    • Two-and-a-half hours’ duration
    • Open book exam - AgileBA Handbook only allowed

We offer the following learning alternatives:

  • 2-day weekly and weekend classroom courses
  • 2-day virtual tutor-led weekly and weekend courses
  • 2-day corporate on-site courses
  • 365-day access to our self-paced online e-learning courses
  • As part of the 5-day Foundation and Practitioner tutor-led virtual and classroom weekday and 4-day weekend courses – with online exams after
  • Official Course Manual
  • Accredited Course Materials
  • Accredited trainer with a minimum of ten years industry experience for virtual and classroom courses
  • 365 days access to our self-paced e-learning online Foundation and Practitioner courses
  • 365 days exam vouchers for our self-paced online, virtual and classroom courses

VAT will be added at the standard rate to the course fee.

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