Know Your Certification – Here is what you need to know about PRINCE2

The PRINCE2 training is the first step for any project manager or for someone who wants to build a career in project management. Organizations have benefited widely from practicing this project management framework, in other words many successful projects have followed the PRINCE2 methodology. Projects in controlled environment, commonly referred as PRINCE2 is an adaptation of best practices followed in successful projects. The methodology consist of themes and processes which guides the project manager, board, or anyone working within the project scope throughout the project lifetime. The PRINCE2 certification is categorized into two levels, Foundation being the beginner level and the Practitioner level for implementation standards. The Practitioner certificate expires every five years and candidates (PRINCE2 Practitioners) are required to appear for the Re-registration exam to maintain their Practitioner status.

The PRINCE2 training method is structured in two parts, Foundation level which is taught over 2-3 days and the Practitioner level in 2 days. Both PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner exams are multiple choice questions which can be either paper based or online. The course is taught in different ways such as traditional classroom, e-learning, virtual learning and candidates can also prefer to learn on their own.

Is PRINCE2 training necessary for to pass the certification exam successfully?

This is a common question every organization or individual asks when they decide to get PRINCE2 certified. The answer is “Yes, training helps candidates learn and provide a different dimension the way one looks at project management.” It also, gives you a fair idea of how to approach the exam, getting used to the PRINCE2 manual which a key aspect in the PRINCE2 Practitioner exam. On successfully completing the training, the candidates are more confident and can take the exam with ease. Also, many training companies provide exam retake guarantee, which is like an insurance for the money you spend on your certification exam. So, if you are planning for a PRINCE2 certification, go with a training provider who will make things easy for you.