Know Your Certification – Here is what you need to know about ITIL

The organizations with significant numbers are working with virtualization and data networks. Well for managing and implementing the information technology services of an enterprise we could use the set of tasks and processes from ITIL (information technology infrastructure library). It is one the most preferred techniquesand widely recognized framework of service management. The IT services has been designed and aligned for providing services in business. Nowadays, the data networks and resources belonging to business sector requirebest quality and it’s achieved with a lesser cost as well. So for this reason the managing IT services have become one the highest priority.

There are various courses and modules provided for all IT service professional through ITIL. And the training is accessible to individuals all over the world with large network training centre dedicated to facilitate it. The certificate will be awarded once the ITIL training is complete, and there are different level of certification, so one should choose their path of training. The preliminary course is the ITIL foundation and participants are taught with basic concepts in framework and practical application. We could move to higher level of training only when we pass the assessment in the ITIL foundation training then ITIL Intermediate followed by MALC – Managing across the Lifecycle certificate and finally the ITIL Expert. The Intermediate is divided into Lifecycle and Capability modules which covers the whole of service management best practices. There are totally nine modules in the Intermediate level.

The training module and its depth of topics vary according to the specific level. Once the participant awarded with certification he will have knowledge about choosing ITIL domain and it’s content to manage specialization in any enterprise anywhere in the world. The training in ITIL Lifecycle module includes continual service improvement, planning, protection, service design, optimization, operational support and service strategy and so on. The highest level of certification that a professional can acquire is the certification of ITIL Expert. So to understand and manage efficiently in IT services one can apply for ITIL.

ITIL is not specific for one particular business; it can be applied universally to any organization in order to administrate its IT services. ITIL through its process and tasks allows organization to maintain its core value in its business, which is important to organizations which operate globally. Well ITIL is universally accepted and applied and its one of the most well know ITSM management tools taking up the ITIL path so certification will be an advantage in IT services management.