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Our DevOps Course has over 95% pass rates. You will be given everything you need to sit and pass your Foundation exams (which is also included). Our online DevOps courses are accredited by DevOps Institute and offers so much more than online training.

You can sit for the online Foundation exam online at home or in your office using your laptop/computer with a stable internet connection, a web cam and microphone at any convenient time. Let us know when you are ready to book your exam and we will arrange this for you. Your tutor provides support all the way through and will suggest when you are ready. You must pass the PRINCE2 Foundation before you can sit the PRINCE2 Practitioner examination.

Materials Provided

  • Videos
  • Quizzes
  • Exercises
  • Study guides
  • Podcasts
  • Official Syllabus
  • Sample exams
  • Case studies
  • Tutor email support
  • Exam guidance

You have sixty days’ online access to this course.

The DevOps Foundation course is accredited by the DevOps Institute and provides an introduction to DevOps – the cultural and professional movement that stresses communication, collaboration, integration and automation in order to improve the flow of work between software developers and IT operations professionals. Improved workflows enable IT organizations to deliver greater business value by improving the ability to more quickly design, develop, deploy and operate reliable software and services.

DevOps is the cultural and professional movement that stresses communication, collaboration and integration between software developers and IT operations professionals.

Many businesses now recognize they need to innovate quickly to survive. Technology can deliver competitive edge, and the pace of change is increasing constantly. DevOps increases business value by improving flow and delivering better software, more quickly.

All our DevOps training provides practical tools and techniques to help you get started with DevOps in your organisation.


The First Way:


Organizations need to understand and increase the flow of work, from left to right. This is a way of describing the flow of work from the idea through to production or releasable code. If we can improve flow by reducing or eliminating bottlenecks or constraints, we can deliver value more quickly.


The Second Way:


Organizations need to create shorter feedback loops that enable continuous improvement.The faster we can identify improvement opportunities or fix issues, the less impact there is on the development process. The cost of correcting something increases the further through the development process it goes.

The Third Way:

Continuous Experimentation & Learning

Organizations need to create a culture that fosters experimentation, with a willingness to take risks and learn from failure.Don’t be afraid to fail, but fail fast, recover and move on.Culture also needs to accept that repetition and practice are essential for mastery of any activity.

Course Contents

13 lessons covering an introduction to DevOps, DevOps practices, culture and organisational considerations and DevOps and other frameworks.

Study duration: 16 hours


Modules in this course

·         Lesson 1: Why DevOps?

·         Lesson 2: Introducing DevOps Part 1

·         Lesson 3: Introducing DevOps Part 2

·         Lesson 4: DevOps and other Frameworks Part 1

·         Lesson 5: DevOps and other Frameworks Part 2

·         Lesson 6: DevOps Culture

·         Lesson 7: Organisational Considerations

·         Lesson 8: DevOps Practices The First Way

·         Lesson 9: DevOps Practices The Second and Third Way

·         Lesson 10: DevOps and IT Service Management Processes

·         Lesson 11: Automation Practices and Tool Categories

·         Lesson 12: Adopting a DevOps Culture

·         Lesson 13: Summary and Exam Preparation



·         This course does not require any existing knowledge of DevOps

·         Completion of an accredited course is a mandatory pre-requisite for the exam


Exam Details

·         Exam duration: 60 minutes

·         Exam format: closed book, multiple choice

·         Exam delivery: online, webcam proctored. 

·         Exam pass mark: 26/40 questions (65%) 


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Exam Pledges

Our course materials, training approach and trainers are so good that that we are offering anyone who attends any of our courses the following pledges:

Foundation Pledge

In the most unlikely event of failing the Foundation exam, you will be offered a free Exam retake within 3 months of your original course.

Practitioner Pledge

Should you fail your practitioner exam, we will offer you a free place on any subsequent practitioner course, as long as you pay for the cost of the practitioner exam.


"I was unable to do any reading before the course and was worried. There was no need. I had 88% and must commend the trainer for her delivery. The course materials were really good."

-Ali Patel

"Excellent course materials, very good trainer, comfortable venue. Of course, I passed with very high marks."

-Sally Temple

"Amazing trainer. He explained all issues simply and made the whole training process fascinating. I passed with the highest marks I have ever had in any exam."

-Olu Ogundipe

"Fantastic experience! From first contact, throughout the training course and the exam."

-Stella Blackwood

"I have used many training providers for our company's training requirements and trainingcreatively stands out. Absolutely! The best trainer, course materials and customer services."

-John Stevens
"The trainer kept everyone alert and engaged. It's the best training experience I have and the customer service was excellent."
-Philip O'Hare
"I came for the weekend course from Blackpool. I passed with high marks and also had a nice time in London. I will recommend trainingcreatively to my colleagues."
-Sam O'Connor

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