Scrum Product Owner Certifications Helps in Handling Business in a Scrum Environment

At Training Creatively, we specialise in teaching you everything you require to own the vision of the product, optimise the ROI of your team and interact with customers as part of a Scrum team. Our certification course is highly-interactive and specifically designed to help you achieve success in Scrum. A key member of the Scrum team is the Product Owner with the responsibility for the maximum return on investment of the efforts of his or her team. With us, you will be able to learn from the most renowned Scrum trainers who will inspire and help you achieve lasting improvements in the way your company builds software and other products. Our Scrum Product Owner course is beneficial for anyone who works as a Product Owner in a Scrum team and/or interfaces with stakeholders.

Our Certification SPOC Course Covers Every Aspect of Scrum

By enrolling for our Scrum Product Owner Certified (SPOC) course, you will be made aware of the importance of using Agile, be given an introduction to the Agile Manifesto and its principles and an overview of Scrum. Moreover, our expert and experienced faculty will provide you with an in-depth knowledge about the Scrum roles, as well as, planning and implementation of Scrum in your day-to-day business operations. At the end of the course, you will be confident to handle Scrum projects of all sizes.

We Provide Candidates with All the Course Materials and Resources

Our aim is to equip our candidates with the knowledge and insight required to pass the examination at the end of the course and to receive a certificate. We provide the official course manual, pre-course manual and our industry-leading trainers gives candidates an idea about the Scrum Product Owner exam questions they can expect. Before appearing for the examination, you will be made aware of the exact format of the exam, the marks allotted for each question and the duration. At present, the pass rate of our course is 93%. So, you can be rest assured of being in safe hands.

We Offer Diverse Course Options to Suit

Since our Scrum Product Owner course is well-suited for working professionals, we have developed various course options to suit the preferences of our candidates. You can either choose two day weekly course, two day virtual tutor-led course, two day corporate on-site course or online course. The quality of learning is the same, regardless of the course type you prefer.

If you want more information about the course, course fees or syllabus, feel free to get in touch with us at Training Creatively. We will be happy to assist you with anything that you need.

Change Management Might Just Be the Missing Element to Your Success

Training Creatively is committed to offering intuitive Change Management (CM) course with a hands-on approach to individuals and organisations. This course basically helps executives to be able to handle change within an organisation effectively. Our course is overseen by specifically trained and highly-experienced trainers because the implementation of CM is extremely sophisticated. We provide delegates with every resource and knowledge that they need to achieve their goals and become successful.

We Provide a Comprehensive Change Management Coursework

We understand that most people resist change in their personal lives and in the professional life, the resistance gains momentum. To equip seasoned professional or inexperienced ones, we offer an in-depth and carefully selected coursework including a pre-course work requiring 15 hours of study and an intensive 5-day course of Change Management Foundation and Practitioner course. We even assist candidates in preparing for examination by providing them with the exam format and expert guidance of our experienced tutors.

Candidates Can Choose from a Range of Course Options

At Training Creatively, we have kept our Change Management training Dublin courses flexible to suit individualised preferences. We provide eager learners a number of alternatives including 3 to 5 day Foundation and Practitioner Weekly Course, Virtual Tutor-led Course or Corporate On-site Course, or Weekend Course. This way, we aim to offer our cutting-edge training solutions to public and private sector organisations, multinationals and individuals.

We Allow Our Candidates to Retake CM Foundation Examination for Free

We, at Training Creatively, strive to provide tailor-made solutions that are conducive to learning. Once you book our CM training course, you will be receiving all the study material, the exam format and the guidance that you require to pass the CM Foundation examination with flying colours. In case you miss the examination or fail to secure the passing grade, we will allow you to retake the exam without any additional cost.

Our CM Training Course is Beneficial for Individuals and Companies

The key to growth and success is change and with our CM training course, we wish to help individuals and organisations to be open to change. Change management helps to bring clarity as to why change is necessary and how it is benefiting employees and the organisation as a whole. We empower our candidates to handle change effectively and promote agility in their responses.

For companies and individuals wanting to reach the maximum limit of success, our Change Management Training Course is the perfect choice. To know more, call us.

COBIT5 Training and Certification Offers Lucrative Benefits

At Training Creatively, we offer COBIT5 training course with a hands-on learning approach. Our comprehensive courses includes the COBIT5 Foundation Course, Implementation Course and Assessor Course. COBIT5 is a renowned and recognised Enterprise and IT governance framework. We train individuals and companies to help them achieve their organisational goals. Our competitively priced course is the ideal solution for everyone wanting to grow by leaps and bounds. Internal auditors, information security and IT practitioners, consultants, members of IT/IS management, chief executives and business managers are eligible for the COBIT5 training and certification courses.

Our COBIT5 Training Helps to Define Business Requirements and Objectives

COBIT5 training Brussels can be used by organisations of any size. At the completion of the course, candidates will be carry out governance roles and responsibilities optimally within an organisation. We help candidates to increase their efficiency and productivity. Also, our training course aims to empower candidates with the tools and insights required to achieve strategic goals. With a COBIT5 certification, candidates will have a systematic approach and a common vocabulary for handling challenges whilst enhancing the value of corporate information.

We Help Nurture Trust in Information Systems

At Training Creatively, we provide candidates with carefully selected coursework that helps in increasing the value provided by IT services while building trust. Candidates can look forward to gaining knowledge about the principles, practices, tools and models of IT that are accepted worldwide. With our COBIT5 training courses, individuals and enterprises will be able to maximise the value of business information and improve the performance goals. We further make sure that you are fully compliant with relevant laws and regulations, contractual agreements and policies.

Our Course Options are Flexible to Meet Your Needs

Our training sessions are designed to suit your exact requirements. Our COBIT5 Foundation course is a 2-day intensive course that we offer online, as well as, weekend courses, weekly courses, corporate on-site courses and more. Our COBIT5 Implementation training course spans over 3 days. As for our COBIT5 Assessor course, we highly recommended that you opt for a 3-day course for maximum results.

Our COBIT5 training courses are conducted by highly-skilled and experienced tutors. You can be rest assured of superior guidance and learning from the very best. Also, our coursework materials are handpicked to offer you the maximum insight. Upon the successful completion of the courses, you will be awarded with a certificate. For more information, do talk to us.

AgilePM Foundation and Practitioner Certifications: Your Passport to a Great Future

The cutthroat competition in the professional world makes it imperative for you to be more productive than ever before, especially if you work in a project environment. And when it comes to efficient project management for enhanced productivity, agile is the way to go. Develop your project management skills and add value to your company with our specialised agile Certifications for guaranteed success. Training Creatively is your one-stop partner for AgilePM Certifications anywhere, anytime.

Cover Foundation and Practitioner Levels with One Course

You can be an asset to your business or organisation if you have an AgilePM Certification. This credential is a validation of your good project management skills. One of the many benefits of our AgilePM programme is that it is divided into two parts, the foundation and practitioner levels, which prepare you for the respective Certifications’ examinations. While the foundation course will introduce you to the fundamentals of agile project management, the practitioner course will give you hands-on project management analytical and application skills. Our comprehensive course is designed to enable you to have a structured project management approach while also improving your career prospects.

Stay Ahead of the Curve with Exceptional Training and Course Material

Professionals from more than 50 countries vouch for our AgilePM course, offered in collaboration with DSDM Consortium and APMG International. Our experienced trainers follow the consortium’s agile project framework for delivering the course content. They are certified instructors who pay great attention to detail when it comes to helping you grasp the concepts covered in the course. The pre-course material and the course manual we provide are developed by industry experts. The high-quality course material along with the guidance from our certified trainers will ensure that you are thorough with the concepts of agile project management before the Certifications’ examinations.

Training Creatively Empowers You to Think Outside of the Box 

By the end of our AgilePM course, you will be able to manage and lead effective agile projects for your organisation or your business and drive it to success. You will have a detailed understanding of different management styles and how to leverage them according to the changes in business environment. Being a certified agile practitioner with the right credentials opens the doors to many opportunities, irrespective of the industry you are in. To validate your knowledge in the methodologies of agile, register for the prestigious Certifications course at Training Creatively.

MSP Certification Benefits !

The project managers were quick enough to realize the importance of additional degree and diplomas for their career growth. Though there are many courses required for managing the project, MSP training surely would be a great help in achieving it. The course is trustworthy and advanced in supervision of the program. Acceptable framework is offered for the practitioners of the MSP course, and attention is preserved on the trade. The MSP practitioners can bring get progress to the organisation and can also know the execution of the change process which takes place in it.

In present, there are many numbers of training organisations which provides MSP courses. Employers who wanted to enhance and accomplish in business should be working with extremely superior trainers of the organisation. For this reason workers who are equipped with MSP training are chosen since they are capable and have knowledge which will bring good results and grow the company to great heights.

The MSP courses offers great help by stressing what is essential and avoids repetition, which delivers skilled power over the plan. There are many issues in an organisation, and these can be determined and systemized through MSP practitioner giving preferred results. The MSP practitioner is sufficiently competent and is in better position to organise the assets of the business to accomplish the goals.

The most ideal course for the project manager is the MSP course where one can see immediate professional growth. The vital advantage of the MSP course is to bring positive outcome and benefit the trade. Good surroundings can be built even in changing situations, and through disciplined leadership and planned control, the MSP courses trains and permits to be renowned all over the world.

MoP Training to Boost your Career!

Most professionals like to update their skills and knowledge, though there are some experience and get decent package, undergoing MoP Certification will further update them hike in skills, knowledge and pay. People who are interested in gathering knowledge can also choose MoP which is the right program. Well MoP stands for Management of Portfolios. The MoP training provides knowledge not only to the individual candidate, but for the team and the organisation through the candidate who has acquired MoP certification.

The individuals when completes the MoP course undergoing MoP training program can get recognition from their seniors and colleagues. And the training program helps the candidate to make the right decisions in tough circumstances, this enables the individual who has completed MoP course to play a key role position in the management. Through the MoP training program the candidate can help himself and the company to build up better. The MoP course benefits the organisation compared to their competitors based on the use of its skills and knowledge.

The MoP training program is a vital aspect of business and trains individuals to take important and effective decision making. The training program helps the organisation to get more benefits and reduces the risks in the management. The MoP course is valuable to all individuals who are interested in acclaiming knowledge. In short this course is worth the money. The MoP training program can be availed onllne or by attending the physical sessions, make it easy for professionals to decide the one which gives them liberty to work and enhance their time.

The MoP Course is designed exclusively for the professionals who wish to have good reputation in the organisations and clients. The MoP Certification is easy to qualify but one has to complete the MoP training, and MoP course successfully. It is very valuable so more and more professionals are joining the MoP Course.

MoP Certificate Guide to Enhance your Managerial Career!

MoP course  is a management course which explains about the various principles and techniques required for management portfolios. The MoP course has been brought to the fore by the APMG group, which has achieved high levels acclaim in the corporate sectors.

 The MoP certification is considered as an important certification programs for professionals who look for a bright career in the corporate industry. The MoP has two levels of varying complexities. The first level is MoP course has been designed to provide introductory understanding of the key concepts and this training is known as the foundation level program which will help understand the principles and strategies in MoP course. Well the MoP training is the facet in carrying out preparation required to clear the MoP certification exam. The training is provided by APM group experts and its mandatory one should acquire MoP training from authorized training institutes. The MoP training helps to prepare best to clear MoP certification exam. Like other certification exams, the MoP certification is conducted online with multiple choice question patterns. Well negative marking scheme is followed in the MoP certification exam so one should make sure they answer correctly and clear the exam, else it would bring your score down. The right methodology should be used in preparation of MoP training so you will get considerable time to prepare for the MoP certification exam.

 Many professionals like their career towards managerial directions. So such professionals can choose the MoP course which is the perfect option. Well it is a study which will certainly get prerequisite for the working of the organisations in the near future. Thus this course could offer career opportunities for the professionals and it is designed in a sophisticated manner providing practical knowledge. Thus through MoP training one will be able to learn and implement that knowledge gathered through MoP course. There is no doubt this course prepares you for the scenario that exists in the industry, and it also enables your skills to test in the industry. Hence MoP certification can prove to be a turning point in your career.

know ur PRINCE2 certification better !

When projects are first implemented into practise there is always a threat that they would go out of control, and create a financial mess of the company. however, the project managers fear they lose control of the project, but it can be managed with several project management strategies.

Projects do get out of control, the reasons are;

Reason 1:  The project is not fully planned out. This is commonly due to the eagerness of everyone involved to get the project up and running but they forget what exactly is involved and what needs to be planned. Effective action planning should be done which takes more than charts and diagrams planning on the board. Meanwhile PRINCE2 professionals are taught with effective planning and also how to maintain the enthusiasm in their business.

Reason 2: lack of control, which is lot of ideas with lot of people involved. Due to more ideas and opinions from many people involved in the project would lead to conflict. When such situation happens it would be for promotion of someone’s career and not for the sake of the company.

Reason 3: bending the rules, which is a project manager bends the rule for one individual, and others also expect the same. Lack of management and employees would occur over the project. So it is important that the project manager maintains the methodologies strictly with his employees.

Final reason is project manager has set too much work for himself. In the beginning they would have one project in mind, and by the end they would have seven. In order to solve this problem one should start small and build up. Since there is only one project manager the workload needs to be manageable.

It is essential for the project manger to keep everything under control, so PRINCE2 course is the most famous project management course and it is well known for the amount of control It has in the project. It is achieved because it follows the things which are necessity. It ensures everything is on right track frequently. It is important for a project manager not to assume everything is ok all the time, he has to question and confirm what needed to be done is done. The next thing is to check what everyone involved is doing in the project. It therefore ensures the project manger is in control over every aspect of the project. The next step is to modify changes to make sure it is in control and all project team play their respective roles. The last step is to inform any stakeholders of any progress changes which are taking place.

The above steps are taught throughout the PRINCE2 Training course to enhance the project management strategy.

ITIL training and the reason to get trained !

This article explains the key reasons and importance to train the employees in ITSM or IT Service management.

ITIL stands for IT infrastructure library is globally recognized IT service management, and ITIL training program is owned by Axelos.  Considering the industry standards and advice to any enterprises large or small should opt for ITIL certification to equally foot in the global business arena.

Professionals opting for ITILV3 training should understand the various sections in the ITIL training course program. The first module is the ITIL foundation module is prerequisite for all individuals who aspire to complete all levels in ITIL training program to get ITIL certification. It gives brief introduction about IT service management and some fundamentals which will be essential with the subsequent modules. Well there are additionally 5 service lifecycle programs that gives ITIL foundation course a holistic view. The final ITIL foundation exam consists of 40 questions and a minimum score of 65% is expected in order to pass the exam.

The next level in ITIL training is the intermediate level which consists of 9 modules each worth of 3-4 credits. Candidates are expected to complete 15 credits in total to qualify for the ITIL V3 diploma. Well it is often recommended that candidates should have gained two years of experience and have some knowledge about the IT key concepts and sector before attempting this level. However this requirement is not mandatory to apply. The credits have to be earned by attending compulsory ITIL training classes and passing the relevant exams.

The third module is the ITIL V3 diploma or the ITIL expert, this module is commonly known as “managing across the lifecycle”.  The candidates will earn 5 credits in the end of this examination. However in order to qualify for ITIL V3 diploma, individuals should have completed at least 2 credits in the ITIL foundation and !5 credits in the intermediate level. The exam format will be conducted in the same way as the previous level.

The final level is the ITIL master and it is the ultimate qualification that can be received in ITIL certification. The requirements for this level are to go beyond professional experience and expertise of the individual. Eligible candidates are selected through reviews, written tests and case studies. ITIL certification of the master level is highly prestigious and only the best are able to pass. Well the candidates are expected to have a minimum of 8 years of professional experience in IT service management.

So, individuals who fit the criteria for various levels of ITIL certification are recommended to opt for ITIL training course which gives a global accreditation. It also enhances their skills and makes the achieve a lot and put them ahead of their peers. It also helps enterprises to decide about investment in the ITIL training courses for their employees to gain and lead in business of IT industries.

How PRINCE2 T enhances Max Profits

IT professionals who have received PRINCE2 Training on time can maintain the perfect quality in projects. The situation is handled using advanced PRINCE2 strategies. Diverse role is played by a PRINCE2 practitioner in an organisation to run the projects successfully, it possible because of PRINCE2 foundation features. The realization of PRINCE2 Certification should be done on time because of your priorities will be reflected on the basis of PRINCE2 course.

Concentrating more upon PRINCE2 schedule will help you out with maximum benefits based on the situation using the latest PRINCE2 features. Well on times PRINCE2 practitioner roles has enabled receiving all those benefits that are considered most essential in standards of PRINCE2 foundation. Timely completion of PRINCE2 course will provide benefits and accomplish task with the help of valuable concepts.

PRINCE2 training taken on time will enhance your career progress in an immense way. Based on PRINCE2 course features and several valid experienced professionals were used in maximum. PRINCE2 practitioner is responsible for carrying out multiple tasks in an organisation through the PRINCE2 foundation basis. The certification of PRINCE2 is received from one of the reputed institutes because of which completion of PRINCE2 course proved to be most valuable. One can realize maximum progress in professional career.

By going through advanced PRINCE2 training features in an extensive manner, one can realize the importance of the latest PRINCE2 concepts according to the situation. Accomplishing the advanced tasks on basis of PRINCE2 practitioner programs will also sort out the situation. Your career will be moved in an incremental manner because of PRINCE2 foundation process has proved to be comprehensive. Advanced PRINCE2 certification programs are necessary for all those who would maintain the perfect organisational standards with the completion of PRINCE2 course.

Latest PRINCE2 training process is considered to be beneficial who would like to complete the PRINCE2 tasks In a timely manner. Well with the support of experienced practitioner on time it is possible to attain and realise maximum features and will be handy. Well the advanced PRINCE2 certification features will help out to maintain the best quality standards as per the situation. There is necessary to go through the PRINCE2 course in detail in order to obtain maximum benefits as per the existing scenarios.